Senior Software Engineer

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Indianapolis, IN | Compensation top 5% in Indiana

As Playlister continues to grow, so does the complexity behind our engineering systems. Our challenge is deceivingly simple: keep the developer experience and customer experiences amazing even as complexity grows.

You’ll do great as an engineer if you want to:

  • Work at a high growth technology startup. We are a fast-growing, venture-backed startup, and COVID-19 has increased our momentum. We added 3,500 new accounts in the last year alone.
  • Provide an excellent customer experience. If you obsess over improving people’s lives with technology, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Personally learn and expand your horizons. The Playlister team has built hundreds of apps, read countless books, and always aims to share our knowledge with our team members.
  • Embrace responsibility and make an impact. NPS, churn, customer engagement, and sales are all heavily influenced by customer support. You’ll have a direct impact (and the chance to improve on!) the most important metrics we measure at Playlister.

We’ll be especially excited to work with you if:

  • You are bias towards action. You’ll be responsible for making improvements to our overall sales process. If you are thinking about making a change, you’ll do it asap and measure the results.
  • You have experience with Zendesk, Zoom, and (or are excited to learn this!)
  • You are self-motivated and self-reliant. You can start and manage your own tasks and you always Google your questions before asking for help
  • You are an excellent communicator. You will be responsible for explaining technical problems to people over 60 years old. Clear and cordial communication is essential to ensure that support inquiries are resolved and the customer feels good about the result.

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