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Thinking of attending OC22? Get a free Apple TV + a free year of Playlister when you attend. The value is over $389. It pays for your OC registration! All you need to do is stop by our booth to register and win.

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Save time and money while making your Orange Curriculum magical with Playlister

We believe Kids Pastors are stretched too thin. The days of sitting through curriculum downloads and then using ProPresenter or running USB sticks to your TVs are over. Playlister is the way church leaders can save time and teach Think Orange Curriculum like a hero. Because what a kid learns at church should be remembered forever.

Three steps to teach Orange Church Curriculum like a hero

Once your media package is imported into Playlister, it only takes three steps to get it on your TVs:

  • Drag and drop your curriculum into a playlist
  • When you come into your rooms, all your media content will be ready on the TV
  • Train a volunteer to teach like a hero in 10 seconds
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Send curriculum home so your volunteers are ready and excited to teach

Once your media package is linked it only takes 3 steps to share your lessons with your volunteers:

  • Drag and drop your files into a playlist
  • Customize your lessons with slides from your church and media from Orange
  • Share directly to your volunteers with a link
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Orange curriculum imports and appears instantly

With Playlister, you never have to download or upload your Orange curriculum. Our integration with Orange instantly syncs your content. Once you link your Orange account, you can build a playlist in seconds, removing the need to edit videos with complicated software.

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Playlister customer hero testimonial
Playlister customer hero testimonial
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Get rid of USB sticks, video editing software, and ProPresenter

Why does getting your Sunday curriculum ready each week have to be so hard? Driving USB sticks around town, getting a call about ProPresenter training in the middle of the night, editing your videos, and splicing them with Orange for hours. Playlister eliminates all of this.

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Teach curriculum in church and at home

Teach at home: Give parents one link to access everything they need to engage with curriculum at home. Send volunteers and families a video experience with PDFs attached that they can view on any device. Teach at church:  Program all your church TVs with lessons that work without WiFi.

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Playlister better than ProPresenter?

Playlister is the ProPresenter alternative that takes the stress out of Kids Ministry. Why? Over 90+ reviews from Kids Pastors that rated Playlister 4.7/5 stars. 👉 Compare more than just features here 👈

Do I need an Apple TV for Playlister?

Yes, and it's worth every penny. For Playlister in the classroom you need an Apple TV because with an Apple TV your content will get stored and work offline. You can get an Apple TV HD for $149. Click here for more information about the Apple TV HD.

How do I download Playlister Lite on my Apple TV in my classroom?

Just search for “Playlister Screen” in the TVOS App Store. Your Apple TV needs to be a 4th Generation Apple TV to be compatible with Playlister.

Do you offer a trial or free account?

Yes. You can click here to set up your free Playlister account. With your Account, you can do a free 30-day trial of all our products and features.

Trusted way to teach Kids Ministry curriculum

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