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Classroom content is the foundation of your organization. Digital signage amplifies your brand. Playlister lets you deliver a strong message throughout your organization in the simplest way possible.

Upload content easily

Playlister makes content playback simple for you. Using our cloud-based tool, upload any video or photo content from the comfort of your office. Using your custom libraries, create playlists available to any of your TVs. Scale your message to all your locations.

Easy for your volunteers to use

You don't have to worry about finding or training volunteers. Once a playlist is downloaded to the Apple TV the content will work even if your internet goes down. No need for a classroom computer, USB sticks, elaborate video equipment or crazy adapters, simply plug the Apple TV in and within minutes you’re ready to teach, present or just watch a movie.

Simple to set up

Our cloud-based management tool shows the status of all your TVs. Quickly see the status of all devices whether they are offline, playing content or simply navigating thru a menu.

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$17 / month per screen
No hardware
Web tool
General support
Ideal for schools


$20 / month per screen
Includes Apple TV and install kit
Web tool
Dedicated support team
Ideal for churches


$45 / month per screen
Includes Apple TV
Application license
White labeled web tool
On-demand design
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