We are the ProPresenter alternative that saves you time and money.

We help Kids Ministry leaders avoid complex technology and curriculum by giving them a tool to teach that saves precious time and money. Because what a kid learns at church should be remembered forever.

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Playlister vs ProPresenter in Kids Ministry
Why put expensive tech in places it doesn't belong? 




$203 / year
$399 upfront + $159 / year
* price for new Apple TV
* average price for new MacOS computer
1st year total
5 year total

5 years of Playlister costs 58% less than ProPresenter

Playlister has outstanding customer support

Quality of Support

ProPresenter G2 rating
Playlister G2 rating

Playlister is easier for kids ministry leaders and volunteers to use

Ease of Admin

ProPresenter G2 rating
Playlister G2 rating

Playlister is simple to set up in your room

Ease of setup

ProPresenter G2 rating
Playlister G2 rating

Playlister vs. ProPresenter

What Playlister customers have to say

Out of all the ProPresenter alternatives why does Playlister make the most sense for Kids Ministry?

Technology Infrastructure Director at NewSprings Church, Will Polley presented, "Say Goodbye to ProPresenter" at the 2021 CITN conference. Will had this to say:

“If you look at Renewed Vision's website all of their photos of the happy people using ProPresenter, where are they? They're in a pro video environment, right? They're in your AControl, they're in the Virtual Center. They're not in your kid's space. They're not in your classroom. They're not where your, not techie AV person is.”

1. ProPresenter software is stressful for your volunteers

Using ProPresenter is hard. Playlister turns your curriculum experience magical because it makes your curriculum easier to set up and use for you and your team.

2. ProPresenter needs expensive hardware to run

ProPresenter requires an expensive computer in your room. Playlister only requires an Apple TV. That's a savings of up to $1,500.

3. ProPresenter software takes time consuming training to operate on Sunday

ProPresenter takes time to learn and several hours of training to understand how to use properly. With Playlister you can create and present curriculum in minutes.

Playlister is the best ProPresenter alternative for your Kids Ministry. Let our customer heroes guide you:

“So much easier than ProPresenter software.”
"ProPresenter was not made to present Kids Ministry videos and be operated by people with no interest in AV Production."
Newspring Church
“Playlister is easier than the training required for ProPresenter software.”
"Our kids' ministry staff team have saved HOURS by not having to build ProPresenter files."
We are replacing bulky ProPresenter computers with Apple TVs running Playlister. This is A) a lot cheaper! B) a lot easier!
"It also brings a sense of peace to our Sunday morning teachers who no longer have to operate computers or ProPresenter."
"$149 Apple TV is a fraction of the cost of a computer that would be used for ProPresenter."
HUGE WIN! We have time to be relational instead of battling with ProPresenter and finding someone to run a Production booth (that largely separates that person from kids!)
Fellowship Church