Save your Kids Ministry precious time and teach curriculum like a hero

Your church's kids' curriculum doesn't just appear in your rooms. You're responsible for getting it there. So many Kids Ministry leaders have headaches with USB sticks, DVDs, and ProPresenter. Using Playlister, you set up curriculum in minutes. Saving you valuable time. The lessons are then sent to Apple TVs that are simple to teach with—making your volunteers better and saving you money.

Three setup steps for Playlister
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"Our teachers are empowered"

"Our kids' ministry team saves critical HOURS each week by using Playlister."

Matt Ferguson | Kids Pastor at Cross Timbers Church

Cut Sunday prep time down from hours to minutes. Give volunteers a better way to teach with one click.

Upload media from anywhere and schedule when your playlists appears on your TVs. Your content will be ready to go when your team walks in.

Schedule when your curriculum shows up on TVs

Once your curriculum is in Playlister, it only takes 3 steps to get it on your TVs:

  • Drag and drop your media into a playlist
  • Schedule when you want the playlist to appear on your TVs
  • When you come into your classrooms, all your curriculum will be there
Three setup steps for Playlister

Give volunteers something they’ll love

Your volunteers will have complete control of their presentation when they use Playlister. No need for one person to teach while someone else clicks through slides. Using the Playlister remote is just point and click, so volunteer training can be done in under a minute.

  • Ridiculously easy to use
  • Control with Apple TV remote
  • Media plays perfectly - even without internet
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Skip the download

Upload anything into Playlister from your computer or link an Orange account.

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Schedule playlist to appear

Set times and dates for playlists to start without any interaction from users.

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Train a volunteer in 10 seconds

ProPresenter takes weeks to train someone new. Playlister takes 10 seconds.

Do you need an Apple TV? Yes and it’s worth every penny. With our Pro subscription we include the Apple TV.

The Pro subscription ($24.99/mo) provides the Playlister Kit which includes an Apple TV and all the accessories you need, costing less than ProPresenter. This removes any need to hire outside companies to setup your screens saving you time, money and decreasing problems on Sunday.

Playlister equipment that includes an Apple TV, setup guide, remote case, Apple TV mount bracket, and some delicious gummy bears!

You get an Apple TV and Playlister.

Easily install and setup your Playlister Apple TV Kit in under two minutes. Simply plug in, power on, activate your device and you're ready to teach your curriculum.

No contracts. Send it back if you don’t like it.

Playlister provides free shipping and free returns. If you aren't 100% satisfied you can send your Apple TV Pro kit back.

compare our cost to propresenter

FAQ about Playlister:

What files can I upload and play?


Does Playlister work without internet?

With your Apple TV Playlister can run completely offline, however for best performance while downloading content we recommend a 10mbps download and 5mbps upload speed at minimum.

Is it HDCP compliant?

Playlister Pro devices are fully compliant with HDCP. The HDCP protocol can be removed by external devices for integration with SDI or video distribution infrastructure.

Where can I use Playlister at my church?

Playlister can be used on every TV screen in your church, including screens used for your church digital signage.

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Teach curriculum like a hero

A kid only shows up to church 1 out of 6 weeks. Since a kid should remember what they learn at church forever, you need the best way to teach kids ministry curriculum. We offer the best way to teach kids ministry curriculum. Sign up for an account today to try for free. There are complicated options for sending kids and students' curriculum to your campuses and families. Your team juggles complex weekly tasks using YouTube, USB sticks, ProPresenter, plus hours of editing. Because of this, your staff and volunteers are stressed. We created Playlister to help save you time, money and make your teaching experience magical. You can create your church's best curriculum experience in minutes.

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