Free Playlister for Orange Churches

Playlister gives you two ways to share your Orange curriculum. Get started with your free-forever Playlister at-home account to send families an online experience every week. Use our Apple TV app to present curriculum on campus in your classrooms.

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Step 1.) Login or create a Playlister account
Step 2.) Link your Orange account in Playlister
Step 3.) Get started sending playlists to families at home
Step 4.) Get set up with Playlister in your classrooms at Church

Special offers for Orange customers

Any media package

1 Free Lite screen for classroom

We will provide one free Lite screen to an Orange customer that subscribes to any Orange media packages. This is one free per Orange customer (customer meaning Church) not per media package.

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Any media package

Free Basic At-Home

We will provide one free Basic At-home account to an Orange customer that subscribes to any media packages. This gives you the basic features to share your playlists to families at home.

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Orange curriculum important and appears instantly

With Playlister, you never have to download or upload your Orange curriculum. Our integration with Orange instantly syncs your content. Once you link your Orange account, you can build a playlist in seconds, removing the need to edit videos with complicated software.

Build an experince for kids and youth Ministry

Customize an experience to your unique programming. Utilize features such as online giving. Include additional online resources and links to enhance your experience. Get your classroom and at home experience ready in minutes.

Trusted by churches worldwide

We believe that it is critical to connect with the next generation during a time like this. Watch how churches like you use Playlister.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Playlister free? Can I buy classroom separately from at home?

If you have an Orange subscription you get a free Playlister Lite screen to use in your classroom. Yes, you can buy more classroom screens separately from at home and vice-versa if you want to upgrade.

Do I need an Apple TV for Playlister?

For Playlister in the classroom you need an Apple TV because with an Apple TV your content will get stored and work offline. You can get an Apple TV HD for $149. Click here for more information about the Apple TV HD. When using Playlister at home your families can view your content on ANY device.

How do I download Playlister Lite on my Apple TV in my classroom?

Just search for “Playlister Screen” in the TVOS App Store. Your Apple TV needs to be a 4th Generation Apple TV to be compatible with Playlister.

Does this include Playlister for Church At-home?

The basic version of Playlister At-home is free for all Churches and compatible with Orange’s licensing agreement.

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