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When you partner with Playlister, you are delivering more than just your content - you are delivering a more friendly experience to your entire team. This walkthrough video shows you how to use Playlister.

How does Playlister work?

Upload media from anywhere and schedule when it appears on your TVs with Playlister Manage. Your content will be ready to go when your team, employees or volunteers walk in.

Playlister Manage

Log into Playlister Manage in any browser to control all of your TVs. Upload as much media as you want and easily build playlists. Schedule when the playlists will be available and select the TVs that they will appear on. If you are an Orange customer, your Orange curriculum will instantly appear in your account thanks to our Orange integration.

  • Upload and store your media
  • Easily build and schedule playlists
  • Remotely control your TVs

Playlister Screen

Activate an Apple TV to your Playlister Manage account and schedule when your media appears on it. The Apple TV updates every 30 seconds and stores your content (so you can play media even if the internet is down). You can even add your logo and colors to customize the menu.

  • Ridiculously easy to use
  • Control with Apple TV remote
  • Media plays perfectly - even without internet

Smart Downloads

Enable offline playback during the selected playlist availability dates.

Playlister Schedule

Set times and dates for playlists to start without any interaction from users.

Playlister Automate

Automatically loop, pause or move on to next media items just like standard presentation software.

What is Playlister Pro?

The Pro subscription provides the Playlister Kit which includes an Apple TV and any accessories you might need, making it the best and easiest player to setup. This removes any need to hire outside companies to setup your screens saving you time, money and decreasing downtime substantially.

Zero Hassle Setup

Easily install and setup your Playlister Kit in under three minutes. Simply plug in, power on, activate your device and you're ready to teach, present, or simply watch a movie.

No Remote? No Problem.

No need to pair a remote with your device after setup for your signage displays. Simply tell the device when to play content using the Playlister Manage scheduling tool and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s just that simple.

Technical Specifications

Supported Media Types

Recommended Connection
Playlister can run completely offline, however for best performance while downloading content we recommend a 10mbps download and 5mbps upload speed at minimum.

HDCP Compliance
Playlister Pro devices are fully compliant with HDCP. The HDCP protocol can be removed by external devices for integration with SDI or video distribution infrastructure.

Browser Support
Playlister Manage is compliant with latest versions of Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge.

Scale With Ease

From one screen to a hundred, Playlister is seen as an industry leader in media playback solutions. Playlister users can control presentations on one screen, while someone is updating content for another screen within Playlister Manage. Playlister is always live, so the editing can be done while another is being viewed. Originally designed for multi-site churches, Playlister is now the choice for media playback for menu boards, classrooms, digital signage, and way signage throughout the world.

Find out how Playlister can scale with your needs by speaking to a solutions expert today. We can’t wait to see how your organization will use Playlister.

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