Playlister vs Propresenter in Kids Ministry

Why put expensive tech in places it doesn't belong?

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$239 / year
$399 upfront + $159 / year
* price for a new Apple TV
* average price for a new MacOS computer
1st year total
5 year total

5 years of Playlister costs 30% less than ProPresenter

Signs You Need to Utilize Worship Presentation Software

Is it critical for every church to have presentation software Although technology might be intimidating at times, it can be simpler to use than you think when you utilize the right software and implement a good strategy. One of the great benefits of using worship presentation software is that it is a quick means to reach out to people with the Gospel! We've compiled a list of reasons why your ministry may (or may not) require presentation software. When considering whether to utilize presentation software, ask yourself these key questions:

Are you already using screens in your sermons? 

If your child ministry is like most other churches in the United States, you probably already have a computer and projector. Presentation software is any software that displays information on a screen, and Microsoft PowerPoint and other ProPresenter free alternative solutions have probably found themselves in your sermons. However, as we'll see later, Microsoft PowerPoint and free ProPresenter alternatives aren't well suited to most churches' needs.

Are you preaching to a modern audience? 

Media is integrated into every aspect of today's culture. There are black mirrored screens in every pocket and on almost every wall nowadays. After all, digital communication has become the de facto norm in many people’s personal and business lives and has slowly integrated itself into people’s spiritual life. For most modern churches, media — displayed on a screen and visible to all — is the best means of communication. This type of communication necessitates the use of presentation software.

G2 Rating - 50+ 5-star customer reviews

Do you want to make your sermons more memorable? 

Visual outlines, photos, video clips, motion backdrops, Scripture on screen, and other forms of media can have a tremendous impact on a message. Communication studies have shown that the more ways we are exposed to information, the more likely it is to remain with us. In the end, people will only remember a fraction of what you say if you preach a message if you’re only trying to reach them audibly.

However, if you use platforms such as Playlister and ProPresenter software, the message will endure much longer due to the inclusion of visual aids, object lessons, video clips, and other elements. That's how effective presentation software can be. It enables you to disseminate the message through various mediums, helping you explain, reinforce, demonstrate, and improve your sermon.

If you found that any of these questions apply to you, then you’ll most assuredly want to incorporate some form of ProPresenter alternatives, like Playlister into your ministry.

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Playlister has outstanding customer support

Quality of Support
ProPresenter G2 rating
Playlister G2 rating

Playlister is easier for kids ministry leaders and volunteers to use

Ease of Admin
ProPresenter G2 rating
Playlister G2 rating

Playlister is simple to set up in your room

Ease of Setup
ProPresenter G2 rating
Playlister G2 rating

Playlister vs ProPresenter

What Playlister customers have to say

Out of all the ProPresenter alternatives why does Playlister make the most sense for Kids Ministry?

Technology Infrastructure Director at NewSprings Church, Will Polley presented, "Say Goodbye to ProPresenter" at the 2021 CITN conference. Will had this to say:

“If you look at Renewed Vision's website all of their photos of the happy people using ProPresenter, where are they? They're in a pro video environment, right? They're in your AControl, they're in the Virtual Center. They're not in your kid's space. They're not in your classroom. They're not where your, not techie AV person is.”

Playlister equipment that includes an Apple TV, setup guide, remote case, Apple TV mount bracket, and some delicious gummy bears!

1. ProPresenter software is stressful for your volunteers

Using ProPresenter is hard. Playlister turns your curriculum experience magical because it makes your curriculum easier to set up and use for you and your team.

2. ProPresenter needs expensive hardware to run

ProPresenter requires an expensive computer in your room. Playlister only requires an Apple TV. That's a savings of up to $1,500.

3. ProPresenter software takes time consuming training to operate on Sunday

ProPresenter takes time to learn and several hours of training to understand how to use properly. With Playlister you can create and present curriculum in minutes.

Playlister is the best ProPresenter alternative for your Kids Ministry. Let our customer heroes guide you:

“So much easier than ProPresenter software.”
G2 Rating - 5 Star Customer review
"ProPresenter was not made to present Kids Ministry videos and be operated by people with no interest in AV Production."
Newspring Church
“Playlister is easier than the training required for ProPresenter software.”
Trustpilot Rating - 5 Star Customer review
"Our kids' ministry staff team have saved HOURS by not having to build ProPresenter files."
G2 Rating - 5 Star Customer review
We are replacing bulky ProPresenter computers with Apple TVs running Playlister. This is A) a lot cheaper! B) a lot easier!
G2 Rating - 5 Star Customer review
"It also brings a sense of peace to our Sunday morning teachers who no longer have to operate computers or ProPresenter."
Trustpilot Rating - 5 Star Customer review
"$149 Apple TV is a fraction of the cost of a computer that would be used for ProPresenter."
G2 Rating - 5 Star Customer review
HUGE WIN! We have time to be relational instead of battling with ProPresenter and finding someone to run a Production booth (that largely separates that person from kids!)
Fellowship Church

What to Consider When Choosing the Best ProPresenter Alternatives for Your Kid's Ministry Needs

It takes significant effort to choose and integrate the best church presentation software for your ministry. Knowing what you need and learning about what's available on the market might even require technical knowledge. Then there's the problem of merging the two and figuring out which solutions provide the specific functionalities that you need.

So, we'll help you select the best church presentation software. One specifically intended to fulfill the needs of ministries like yours. Knowing what you're looking for is the first step in selecting the most suitable church presentation software for your ministry. While this may seem self-evident, it's a critical step that's sometimes overlooked. It's also a more complicated phase than it appears since it involves numerous distinct categories. When choosing solutions such as ProPresenter alternatives, consider:

Playlister equipment that includes an Apple TV, setup guide, remote case, Apple TV mount bracket, and some delicious gummy bears!Playlister equipment that includes an Apple TV, setup guide, remote case, Apple TV mount bracket, and some delicious gummy bears!

What are the currently available features?

First and foremost, current functionality. Consider your current audio-visual approach to a standard service. What features and capabilities of your current presentation tool do you use daily? Add those to your list because going with a solution that can't match your existing one isn't good. What are your present solution's pain spots, the things you wish you could accomplish but can't, or that are more complex or time-consuming than you want them to be? Add those to your to-do list, too.

What issues are you having with the existing solution?

The next step is to consider potential issues and existing problems you’re encountering. Consider the last few significant events in your church (Christmas, Easter, special conferences, or concerts). What stumbling obstacles did your volunteers face when it came to giving presentations?

What will you need if your ministry grows?

Last but not least, there are future capabilities. If your church is expanding or you plan to make some significant technological changes in the coming years, you should consider what functionalities you'll need — even if you don't need them now. If you've been in charge of church AV for some time, you've probably figured out what type of presentation software you'll need. However, whether you're new to the position or making a choice as a volunteer, we recognize that creating a list from the start might be intimidating. Here are some aspects you'll probably want to investigate to get you started. Check to see if the alternatives to ProPresenter you've chosen provide the amount of functionality you require.

Ease of Use

You want a system that's simple enough for newcomers to get up and running fast yet powerful enough to generate stunning, immersive material for your Sunday morning church services. After all, you don’t want your volunteers getting lost in a myriad of menus or tangled in a jumble of wires.


Quality of life enhancements, such as automated text scaling and simple, automatic support for a range of screen sizes, will be included in the optimal presentation software for your church. Most churches require a current presentation solution that can accommodate numerous displays for the big screen (or any other screen). This is typical among premium church-related programs, while free church presentation software will probably have technological limitations.


Supporting a sufficient number of outputs and display types is a good start, but you should also ensure that you can deliver the necessary material to those displays. It's possible that you don't want to show the identical material to every connected monitor.

For example, many churches broadcast the main presentation feed on the big screen or screens in the auditorium, but something else in the foyer or overflow rooms (like a video or Livestream feed). You might also want to establish a separate announcement stream for a kiosk. Of course, your stage displays will require their own copy of the content (perhaps containing information for the musicians or even sermon notes).

The best systems offer numerous independent content streams, allowing you to do the situation we just described — or something much more involved — from a single presentation file.

More Reasons Why Playlister is Considered One of the Top ProPresenter Alternatives

One of the biggest (and most costly) projection solutions is ProPresenter. It’s a worship and presentation program for live events. It goes after athletic events, conferences, trade exhibits, and religious meetings. However, this software isn’t the right fit for every type of congregation. 

Churches and other media-forward institutions require a presentation software package built explicitly for media presentations in places of worship and is more video-friendly, yet appropriate for the task at hand. Many current church AV operations blur the lines between on-stage presentation, video, live streaming, and presenting applications (as well as other business and corporate settings that are speaker-focused).

Is a software platform designed for stadium use the best option for your volunteers and kid ministry needs? 


Playlister has a variety of capabilities that most kids ministries want, but PowerPoint and any other free ProPresenter alternative can't match.


Playlister is a bargain at a fraction of the cost of ProPresenter, especially when compared to the not-so-cheap competitors.


You'll need the best way to teach kids ministry curriculum so that children remember what they learn and absorb at church throughout their lives. There are several ways for providing education to your campuses and families for children and students. Your staff might rely on YouTube, USB drives, some free ProPresenter alternative, and hours of editing to complete challenging weekly responsibilities. 

We provide the most effective method for teaching children's ministry curriculum. Playlister was intended to help you save time and money while making your teaching experience extraordinary. In minutes, you can build the ideal educational experience for your church.

G2 Rating - 50+ 5-star customer reviews

How Presentation Software Can Take Your Children's Ministry to the Next Level

Your children's ministry youth are likely to be just as knowledgeable about technology as you are. So why not teach kids about faith using what they already know?

While some churches are wary about utilizing technology with children, it can be entirely safe if ministry leaders and parents keep an eye on it. Plus, it has the potential to convey a message and bring children closer together than more traditional educational approaches.

For instance, there are many stories in children's Bibles. Often, tales, accompanied by vibrant illustrations, assist children in better understanding Scripture. Use visuals, videos, and other media to bring these stories to life. Make up your own content based on Bible verses or legends. You may be as creative as you want as long as you’re helping youngsters develop in their religion.

You can create interactive stories to better convey the concepts outlined in the Gospel using the presentation power found in Playlister. Church technology also allows areas for children to participate. Maybe the kids need to stand up and dance, or perhaps they need to answer a question or do something else. Kids pay more attention when interactive features are included. They'll look forward to the stories included in the presentations as well.

In the end, children should be taught how to use computers responsibly, and they can learn how to safely use technology while being presented with the story of Jesus Christ. We hope to teach children about God's love through Jesu and technology can help them learn in various ways that are both powerful and easy to use.

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