Top 27 Daily Devotionals for Kids

Teach your kids spiritual habits and encourage connection with God by incorporating daily devotionals into their routine. Here are our top 27 Christian books for kids.

Chris Holland
August 8, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Devotionals for Kids Aged 0-4

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1. Near: Psalm 139 by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Soothe your baby with the reminder they are loved unconditionally by God with this stunningly illustrated picture book designed to ease kids into daily devotionals.

2. Say and Pray Devotions by Diane Stortz

This easy-to-understand first devotional book helps parents get their children involved in prayer from a young age alongside comprehension and development.

3. Baby's First Book of Prayers by Melody Carlson

Merge rhyming with worship to get your little one on board with devotionals daily with this sweet and easy-to-understand book of rhyming prayers.

4. Prayers For My Baby Girl by Carolyn Larsen

Rest your precious baby girl in the hands of God with this book of more than 40 prayers for early mother-daughter bonding moments.

5. The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers by Crystal Bowman

Full of 366 beautifully illustrated devotionals with topics for toddlers, this book is perfect for a year’s worth of connection with God.

6. My Baptism Book by Sophie Piper and Dubravka Kolanovic

This baptism or First Communion keepsake contains short yet powerful prayers that are easy to commit to memory to start your child off on the right foot.

Devotionals for Kids Aged 3-6

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7. Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer by Laura Wifler

Let your little ones find comfort in the company of God with this beautifully illustrated picture book for kids aged 3-6.

Devotionals for Kids Aged 4-8

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8. Little Prayers for Ordinary Days by Katy Bowser Hutson, Flo Paris Oakes, and Tish Harrison Warren

Show your children that there is time for prayer in the little moments throughout the day with this collection of simple prayers.

9. I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God by Diane Stortz

Introduce your child to all the different names of God with this book of daily devotionals for kids. He is All-Powerful, Mighty, Healer, Helper, Creator, and Savior, so introduce your kids to all of Him.

10. The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Let your kids discover Jesus through dynamic play with this storybook that shows Jesus as the missing piece in the beautiful jigsaw puzzle of life.

Devotionals for Kids Aged 6-10

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11. How Great Is Our God: 100 Indescribable Devotions for Kids About God and Science by Louie Giglio

Blend science and excitement with prayer and worship with this interesting and informative Christian book for kids.

12. Roar Like a Lion: 90 Devotions to a Courageous Faith by Levi Lusko

Tackle life problems head-on with this bold devotional book that illuminates God’s way for kids.

13. God Is in Nature!: A Kids Devotional About His Awesome Creations by Jessica Doebler

Take your kids on an adventure in God’s world with this book that explores the corners of the Earth, from mountains and waterfalls to animals and insects.

14. A Believe Devotional for Kids: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus by Randy Frazee

Learn how to think, Act, and Be Like Jesus with this 90-day devotional designed to guide your children toward a Godly life with good spiritual habits. 

15. Jesus Wants All of Me: Daily Devotional for Kids by Phil A. Smouse

Filled with captivating daily readings, and easy-to-remember passages of scripture, this daily devotional book will get your little one excited about God.

Devotionals for Kids Aged 6-12

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16. Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids by Sarah Young

Embark on a year-long journey with this book of devotionals complete with short meditations, prayers, and scripture.

17. Notes From Jesus: What Your New Best Friend Wants You to Know by Mikal Keefer

Give your kids teachings of Jesus from the perspective of a friend while providing answers to common questions kids have about God and guidance on how to be a good person.

18. 365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids: An If I Could Ask God Anything Devotional by Kathryn Slattery

This book is ideal for inquisitive kids who can’t stop asking questions, giving them the guidance they need for unfaltering faith.

Devotionals for Kids Aged 8-12

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19. The Purpose Driven Life Devotional by Rick Warren

Based on the best-selling book for adults, this adaptation for kids urges youngsters to consider their purpose and the deeper meaning of life.

20. Colors of Prayer: An Interactive Devotional Journal for Kids by Shiloh Kids

Instill spiritual disciplines in your kids with this colorful journal that encourages self-reflection and deeper faith through writing.


21. Would You Rather: An Interactive Devotional Journal and Sketchbook for Adventurous Kids! by Matt Kociech

Teach kids the stories of the Bible in a fun and memorable way with this entertaining interactive devotional journal that will paint a rich and full understanding of the Bible in their minds. 


22. Choose Kindness: 3-Minute Devotional Inspiration for Kids by JoAnne Simmons

All it takes is three minutes a day to establish good spiritual habits, so get your children on track with this daily devotional book for kids.

23. Case for Christ for Kids 90-Day Devotional by Lee Strobel and Jesse Florea

Let your tween explore what it means to be a Christian with this book that combines Biblical messages with historical facts and real-life stories.

24. The Plans I Have for You Devotional by Amy Parker

God has a plan for each and everyone one of us, so urge your child to dream big and discover their path with this inspiring devotional book.

Devotionals for Preteen Kids

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25. Strong in Spirit: 5-Minute Devotions by David S. Winston

In a time of change and challenges, this book will guide your preteen boy through the ups and downs of life with God by his side.


26. You're God's Girl!: A Devotional by Wynter Pitts

Your daughter is one of a kind and loved unconditionally by God, but the world she is growing up in might make her think otherwise. This book will help her find the strength to walk her own path.

Devotionals for the Whole Family

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27. Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God by Marty Machowski

Bring the whole family together with this daily devotional book to encourage family bonding and teaching of Biblical truth.

Help your child build the spiritual habit of spending a moment with God from a young age with daily devotionals for kids.

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