10 Best Christmas Bible Stories for Your Children’s Church Curriculum

Christmas is a great time to use kids' ministry to help them engage with the Bible. The stories surrounding Jesus’ birth are more relatable than other biblical parables and historical accounts, and it is wrapped in the Christmas magic. Here are ten Christmas stories to include in your children’s church curriculum.

Grant Glas
October 11, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

As a kids’ minister, it is crucial to help children develop a relationship with the Bible as early as possible. A great way to do this is to help them become familiar with the stories through engaging Christmas Bible activities and then teach them how to apply them to their lives. As you regularly do this, kids will build the skills they need to understand the Bible into adulthood. 

A strong connection to the Bible also helps kids understand how God operates and how to have a relationship with Him. For example, as you cover prophecies and stories of angel appearances around Christmastime, you can help children understand that God does know who they are individually and that He has a plan for us all. 

Here are ten Christmas stories to include in your children’s church curriculum. 

Genesis 3:15 Prophecy of Jesus to Overcome the Devil

Start the Christmas season by reading a familiar prophecy from the first book in the Old Testament about Jesus’ purpose. The first book of Moses describes that Jesus was born to protect God’s children by overcoming Satan. Jesus did just that through his life and ministry, including his eventual death and resurrection.

Isaiah 7:14 Jesus’ Birth to a Virgin Prophecy

Another Old Testament prophecy to highlight during the Christmas season comes from Isaiah. This poetic prophet was the first to tell God’s people that Jesus would be born to a beautiful and pure virgin. This shows that God did not choose Mary randomly but had planned how His son would come to the world for a long time.

Luke 1:26-38: The Angel Gabriel Comes to Mary

The story of Mary being called to be Jesus’ mother by the angel Gabriel is a must in any Christmas church curriculum. It is a great time to highlight that God can use anyone to do great things no matter how small our lives seem. This video does a great job of explaining the holy interaction in a suitable way for young children.

Luke 1:36, 76-79: John the Baptist was Born to Prepare the Way for Jesus

One Christmas story often skipped in typical retellings of Luke is the conception and birth of Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist. Jesus and John were just months apart, and John was a close friend and ally to his cousin. While Mary was pregnant, she stayed with her cousin, John’s mother, Naomi. This context will help the kids in your ministry understand that God rarely asks us to do hard things alone and that our families are there to help us.

Micha 5:2 Prophecy that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem

Long before King Herod and the tradition to be taxed in your hometown, the Old Testament prophet Micha declared that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem. It was likely this prophecy that Herod’s scribes used to direct the wise men of where to find Jesus.

Luke 2:8-20: The Shepherds See Angels

Luke contains much of the Christmas story, and the shepherds’ visitation by angels is a Christmas Sunday School must. This story helps children understand that God thinks everyone is equally important because He sends special messages to even the humble shepherds. You may want to use this music video to help kids feel how music connects us to angels.

Numbers 24:17 Prophecy of the New Star

Old Testament prophets foretold the celestial appearance hundreds of years before the wise men noticed a new star and followed it to the baby Jesus. While this new star is a marvel of science, it was the power of God that allowed it to both be predicted and coincide with the birth of His son.

The three Wise Men studied a lot and knew of some of the prophecies of Jesus’ birth. They also paid attention to what was going on around them.

Matthew 2:1-12: The Wise Men Follow the Star

The story of the wise men searching for Jesus is a perfect Sunday School lesson. These men studied a lot and knew of some of the prophecies of Jesus’ birth. They also paid attention to what was going on around them. You can help the kids in your ministry understand how scriptural and worldly knowledge enables them to further God’s purposes.

Luke 2:7: No Room at the Inn

Another Christmas classic covers that there was no room for Mary and Joseph in the inns of Bethlehem. Explain to the children that this wasn’t due to discrimination, simply that there were many visitors in Bethlehem for the same tax reasons that Mary and Joseph were there. This story illustrates how easy it is to get caught up in everyday activities, then suddenly discover that we have accidentally pushed Jesus out of our own lives.

Hosea 11:1: Jesus Will Come Out of Egypt

Finally, you can tie Jesus’ childhood escape to Egypt with the prophecy by Hosea. Hosea said that the Messiah would come from Egypt, and while Jesus was born in Bethlehem, he spent several of his childhood years in Egypt. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus did not return until the death of King Herod.

Christmas is a beautiful time to connect children to young Jesus. So as you plan your Christmas church curriculum, be mindful that Sunday school should be an open area to discuss God and how to serve His children best everywhere. Need help planning your Christmas curriculum? Check out this list of 5 recommended children’s Christmas lessons!

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