10 Palm Sunday Bible Activities

Easter is almost upon us, so make sure you are ready to spread the joy within your kids' ministry. The best way to do this? Make sure you have a fun selection of Palm Sunday activities for kids at the ready to keep them all entertained. Diversity of choice is the most effective way of appealing to all your students, so they don’t get bored of repeating activities.

Grant Glas
March 29, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

That’s why we have compiled this list of 10 Palm Sunday activities for you to turn to as you prepare your ministry for the coming weeks of Easter. Read on for some activity inspiration to keep your children’s ministry feeling energetic!

The King is Coming

To replicate the buzz and pure ecstasy felt when Jesus rode into town, try this activity that first asks students to pretend it is the president arriving. It helps them place the communal bliss felt into more modern terms as they wave flags, make noise, and cheer! This activity by Sermons4Kids is available for free with their two-week free trial.

Praise Castanets

Illustration of hand holding a castanet

Searching for a fun, cost-effective way to provide your students with a noisemaker of their own? Try these DIY castanets! All you need is cardboard, glue, plastic soda caps, and markers to decorate, and your Easter songs and celebrations will come to life. Sing a praise song altogether, amplified with the sound of their very own castanets.

Hosanna! Bookmarks

Hosanna ookmarks to color in

When you need a quiet moment to help the kids relax, set them up with this coloring activity that encourages reading too. SundaySchoolZone allows you to effortlessly print these Hosanna bookmarks so you won’t have to think of anything else — just get your coloring pens and pencils at the ready and set the tables up for a relaxing moment of artistic creation.

Jesus and the Big Parade

Jesus riding on doney entering the city

Designed by Danielle’s Place and available at just $3.95, this complete set of five classes is an effortless way to keep all your kids entertained at once. Our favorite is the Hosanna egg holder Easter craft, which is a smart way to reuse old toilet paper rolls too! The kids can decorate their cute egg cup as they wish using paints, markers, or pencils.

Pro tip: Give your younger students hard-boiled eggs to save messy clean-ups.

Handprint Palm Tree Craft

Crafty hand made palms

Though this activity is typically associated with younger preschool students, it offers a unique opportunity for the different ages to work together. The youngest students provide their hand, slightly older students draw around it, and the oldest will be responsible for cutting out the shapes. Choose a team activity to see the beauty of working together.

Palm Branch Pass Game

Holding a palm branch

This dynamic, active Easter game is a favorite among kids for a reason. Using chairs, palm leaves, and a simple quiz, students have to race against each other to pass the branch. When the branch reaches the end of the line of chairs, they have to run around the back while everyone else moves up until they get back to their original position. The first team to win gets the chance to answer a fun quiz question and gain a point!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Laughing donkey

As a classic game for birthday parties and events, this activity needs little explanation. But, you can add an extra dimension to it by getting each child to decorate their own tail. This way, they can see how close they were compared to their friends and have fun making a craft too. We recommend laminating the donkey you create so you can use it time and time again!

Crunchy Path Snacktivity

Graham crackers

Blend snack time with learning about the Bible by getting your students to pave the way for Jesus. Get them to cover graham crackers with icing and lay them down as if they were bricks on the road upon which Jesus and his donkey traveled. They can cheer and rally at the sides and drop chocolate candies as the donkey's footprints. The best part? They get to enjoy a tasty snack afterward! 

Pro Tip: Make sure everybody washes their hands before preparing any food snacks.

It's Bible Time

Open bible

Some of our favorite Palm Sunday quotes from the Bible can be found in Matthew 2:1–11. Set your little ones up in a cozy circle ready for storytime, and read this incredibly important passage to them all. This is the best activity for the end of the day when everyone needs to calm down. They can relate their day of fun to the passage they are reading and envision themselves there with Jesus too.

Thanks and Prayer

Girl praying with bible

Be sure to dedicate some time to giving thanks, praying, and worshiping God. We must not get lost in the excitement and forget the true reason we celebrate Easter. So, break it down for your little learners by letting them express their thanks through a palm leaf. In each section, let them write something they are thankful for, keeping Jesus in the center, and other sections dedicated to family, friends, and more.

The most important thing to remember this Palm Sunday is that Easter is a time to rejoice! Have a backup of Palm Sunday activity sheets for your students in case they get bored so they can direct their energy into something productive and fun. With countless resources online for free, you can effortlessly create an elated environment for all of your congregation. Happy Palm Sunday!

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