11 Christian Playlists to Enhance Your Holiday

Looking to complete all the finishing touches to your holiday event? Quality music resources are a must. Set the scene and help your guests ease into a holiday mood by choosing event background music to help your event flow. Here are 10 of our favorite selections of Christian playlists for holiday events.

Chris Holland
October 26, 2022
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The Best Background Music for Events

Looking to complete all the finishing touches to your holiday event? Quality music resources are a must. Set the scene and help your guests ease into a holiday mood by choosing event background music to help your event flow. Here are 10 of our favorite selections of Christian playlists for holiday events.

Songs for Thanksgiving

First up, we have Thanksgiving. This holiday is all about giving thanks to God, joining hands in prayer for the delicious food we are lucky to eat, and the lives we are blessed to live. Try out some of these songs on your Thanksgiving holiday playlist, whether at church or home.

1. Story Blocks

Story Blocks playlist platform

If you have time to spare and are happy to create a playlist yourself, Story Blocks offers unlimited free downloads of Christian music. Dedicate an afternoon to singing and playing songs to choose your favorite tracks that will get your guests relaxed. You could even assign a church volunteer with an ear for music to this role to offer them a job that differs from the norm.

2. Soothing Music

Thanksgiving music

A trusty place for your favorite sounds, YouTube Christian music like this is perfect for Thanksgiving. With nine hours of Christian ambient music played continuously, you will be free to forget about the playlist all day long. These instrumental Christian songs will ease your soul and encourage your attendees to spend some time with their gratitude, giving thanks to their creator.

3. Your Classical MPR

Thanksgiving playlist with classical music

Planning a holiday event is no easy feat. You probably have 101 things on your mind, so tick one thing off your list by choosing a pre-made playlist filled with calming classical music. Set the ambiance at your holiday party with the help of these legendary composers, from Beethoven to Dvořák to Copland.

4. Soundings of the Planet

Thanksgiving dinner soft music mix

This soft Thanksgiving dinner time mix is over an hour long, so perfect for keeping a calm atmosphere while chatter ensues at your holiday party. Choose low-tempo songs to encourage prayer and meditation; opt for this medley of magical music. Save time after dinner for more elation and joy, but keep the breaking of the bread a sacred time for your family or congregation.

5. Hymns on Piano

Relaxing ymns video

Who doesn’t love a sing-song once in a while? This playlist with 15 songs presents classic hymns played on a piano, so you can take turns or share in the power of the gospel together. If you are more of a listener, don't worry! These gorgeous tunes can speak for themselves if you would rather stay quiet and reflective over your holiday event.

6. Mind and Soul – Thanksgiving

Instrumental worship songs video

At almost an hour and a half long, this playlist will set the mood for your event. Filled with deep prayer instrumental music for worship and meditation, playing this will bring your attendees into awareness of their consciousness, heightening the collective appreciation for God and eternal thanks for Jesus. The video version features snippets from scripture for prayers, too.

7. Visual Escape

Relaxing thanksgiving music video

Just as their name promises, Visual Escape offers calming scenes of nature to watch alongside listening. If you have a digital signage board in the location of your event, why not stream this video to the big screen, and add some visual elements to your songs? This calming video is in 4k, featuring peaceful mountainous scenes with browning leaves, shot in the fall.

8. Motion Array

Motion array free christian music

Download this selection of Christian instrumental music for free from Motion Array. These peaceful tracks feature pianos, flutes, oboes, harps, and more, bringing a delicately balanced harmony to your holiday event. Bring the tempo down and play Christian music that encourages careful introspection and prayer instead of ecstatic partying by adding these songs to your playlist.

Songs for Christmas

But we can’t forget about Christmas! If you are on the ball and ahead of the game, check out some of these ambient playlists to share the joy in a calming way this December.

9. Christian Worship Lyrics

Greatest Chirstian Christmas songs video

Created with Christmas in mind, this heartwarming selection of songs will make a great addition to your parties in December. Featuring a blend of classic and contemporary Christian music, this playlist is an effortless answer to your music questions. Simply attach this hour-long YouTube playlist to the speakers and enjoy the holiday event.

10. Mind and Soul – Christmas

Christmas hymns video

Looking for a Christian playlist you won’t have to change once throughout the event? Look no further! This Christmas playlist by Mind and Soul lasts for a whopping eight hours, bringing you essential hymns and prayers in a peaceful way. You won’t get sick of this beautifully composed playlist, as every note sounds like a dream.

11. TunEdge Music

Christmas music video

Share these worship songs at your Christmas holiday party and encourage all of your guests to join you as you worship our King, Jesus Christ. This selection balances contemporary and traditional songs, reigniting how you can share hymns at your event. With a stunning montage to accompany the sounds, you can play this video on the big screen for your attendees.


Woman creating a music soundtrack

The ambiance is key when throwing a successful event, so don’t leave music planning to the last minute. Instead, check out some of these Christian playlists ahead of time to choose the best background music for events. Tick one thing off your to-do list, and keep God at the forefront of your mind.

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