4 Best Church Tech Integrators in the USA

Ensuring that Sunday mass in your House of Worship runs smoothly, you need a reliable, comprehensive, and high-tech audiovisual integrator that meets your specific needs. We have identified the four best church tech integrators in the USA for you. 

Grant Glas
September 14, 2021
Church Software

Ensuring that Sunday mass in your House of Worship runs smoothly, you need a reliable, comprehensive, and high-tech audiovisual integrator that meets your specific needs. Since it can be challenging to know which company to choose out of the sea of suppliers, we have identified the four best church tech integrators in the USA for you. 

1. All Pro Sound 

All Pro Integrated Systems started in 1980 with a straightforward mission: do what’s right to create systems and solutions capable of engaging any audience. Since then, the company has served the needs of thousands of organizational, commercial, educational, and government clients across the U.S. and has won multiple Solomon Awards for their design and installations. 

Oak Hill Church partnered with All Pro Sound

All Pro Integrated Systems starts each project with a meticulous, face-to-face interview to determine your vision and goals, then designs a custom custom-built solution that meets your unique needs. Once you approve, their production team jumps into action, selecting equipment, coordinating contractors, setting schedules – all to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Every piece of equipment is assembled and methodically tested at their prefabrication facility and then installed by their expert team. The company provides guidance and advice after the initial installation – from maintenance to modifications, they always respond quickly and assist wherever needed. The company also always adheres to the highest quality and safety standards and trains your staff until everyone can operate the equipment with complete confidence. Their excellent customer service and product quality ensure that your Sunday Service goes off without a hitch. 

2. CCI Solutions

For over 40 years, CCI Solutions has designed, built, and installed audio, video, and lighting systems that engage congregations. Their team of experienced technical artists and designers collaborate with you to translate your vision and dreams for ministry into a plan for technology to help you get there. They offer great design and quality installation for a cohesive and efficient process. 

During the design phase of your project, they implement an Accelerated Collaborative Design (ACD) workshop, in which they define your key objectives and identify how they can best equip you to reach them. This 2-3 day experience captures your system needs and resource constraints while targeting your goals. Once your ACD is complete, the team develops modeling, space evaluation, and system schematics based on your needs. The design phase is complete when you believe in and agree with an AVL (audio/video/lighting) incorporated construction drawing set, one-line drawings, and an all-inclusive AVL-build budget.

In 2015 Veritas Church began the process of renovating an abandoned downtown building, and called in CCI Solutions to partner with them on getting the right technology to help them reach the city for Christ.  

Once everything is approved, the CCI Solutions project coordinates the AVL implementation with your general and electrical contractors, ensuring everything is installed according to specification. Once the dust settles, the best field technicians in the business, known across the country for their install quality, arrive on-site and install your new AVL systems and train you and your team to handle the entire system properly. 

3. Clark Powell 

Clark Powell Audiovisual Technologies and Solutions is an audiovisual systems design and installation company that delivers tailored solutions for all of your AV requirements. The company is a woman-owned AudioVisual Integrator, born in the Carolinas and has provided solutions to thousands of projects nationwide since 1983.

ClarkPowell partnered with White Memorial Presbyterian Church in Raleigh, North Carolina to design and install a new audio visual system.

The expert team at Clark Powell always starts each project by developing a client brief and scope of work to fully understand your requirements. Their proposed design solutions are always based on your specific needs, and they consult you throughout the entire design and build process. The Clark Powell CTS-D qualified team of designers brings together expert technical knowledge with years of practical industry experience to design reliable systems that make the most of your available budget and resources before any order is placed. They ensure that each design is peer-reviewed by their design engineers to ensure your solution is sound. A multi-disciplinary team, including a highly trained and practiced installation team and skilled office-based project coordinators, proceed to swiftly and expertly install the system so that you can start planning your ministry. With in-house programmers who are some of the most experienced in the industry, Clark Powell is able to take complex state-of-the-art systems and simplify the control, providing user-friendly customer interfaces and helping you firmly take charge of the technology. 

4. Mankin Media 

Mankin Media Systems is an audio, video, and lighting systems integration company that designs, installs, and supports performance technology systems, specifically for churches. Their process involves research and ideation, identifying your needs, clarifying your goals and priorities, and creating a roadmap and budget for your project. During the design phase, they evaluate your church space, assess your resources, complete pre-visualization artwork, and specify your system schematics. This is followed by their Deploy Phase, in which they ensure that the system proposed lives in harmony with your building acoustically, electrically, and aesthetically. The Mankin Media in-house expert team installs the system on-site and educates and trains your team to take over. In the last phase, they ensure that your system is protected to maximize the longevity of your investment. 

Franklin Baptist Church’s leadership reached out to Mankin Media with a dream to make a big impact. They wanted to building a facility that would enable all of their congregation to fit into one room, while maintaining high-quality audio and video coverage for the entire room.

Whether for your regular Sunday Service, children’s ministry, to show ministry videos like Orange Curriculum, or to improve the audio of your church choir or worship music, high-quality systems integrators are essential for the success of your ministry, and by choosing any of the four above, you can be sure that each Sunday will run smoothly.

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