4 Ways to a Distraction Free Large Group Experience

Free checklist to know if your group experience is headed the right direction!

Evan Rodecap
February 2, 2019
Church Software

How do you know if you're creating a distraction free large group experience?

  1. Define the win. When you are not clear on expectations your team will have zero idea if they are failing or succeeding.
  2. Communicate the win. The real magic in defining the win is understanding the power of inclusion once the win has been defined. Clarify and sell the expectation to everyone involved and rally people around the win. When we do this we set ourselves up to achieve excellence and celebrate success together.
  3. Create WOW moments. A wow moment is a moment that exceeds someone’s expectations. Usually your attendees will end up talking about these moments!
  4. Utilize stable technology that you trust – Careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hacked solutions put you further behind.

So what if you don’t know what a distraction free experience looks like? Know if you're headed the right direction using this free checklist!

  1. Does this look professional or could I have done this at home?
  2. What doesn’t belong here? What is needed? (Wires, cords, mic stands, boxes, tables)
  3. How would someone who has never been here before experience this?
  4. Is there someone to answer the question?
  5. Am I proud of this space?
  6. Will the playback solution fail? Do I have the right technology?
  7. Have we created a WOW moment (Exceeding expectations)
  8. What is our key message?
  9. Will the video content play correctly?
  10. Do you have enough tech volunteers?
  11. Have I been able to prepare in advance? – Don’t be importing media when people are arriving.
  12. Does my signage make sense? Should I have asked Creative to help?

Playlister makes content playback and signage simple for you as well as planning ahead. Using our cloud-based tool, create libraries utilizing any type of video or photo content. Using your custom libraries, create playlists available to any of your TVs. No need for large volunteer teams, simply run the content while leading your experience.

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