5 Ways to use Jingle Jam at your Church

While planning church events for Christmas is exciting, it can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re a leader at a small ministry with fewer resources. But there’s no need to worry - Jingle Jam by Think Orange is here to save the day!

Grant Glas
November 3, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

What is Jingle Jam?

Christmas 2021 is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to begin planning fun events for your kid’s ministry or family church so that all members can come together in worship and rejoice as one this holiday season. The Christmas story is one of the foundations of Christianity, so it’s essential to teach young church members about the birth of Christ from an early age and help them understand the roots of their faith. 

While planning church events for Christmas is exciting, it can feel overwhelming, particularly if you’re a leader at a small ministry with fewer resources. But there’s no need to worry - Jingle Jam by Think Orange is here to save the day! As the creators of a leading children’s church curriculum, Think Orange is an expert in providing world-class ministry resources, and Jingle Jam is no exception. 

After years of successful Christmas events, Jingle Jam: Light Show is brand new for 2021, and is sure to offer a whole night of faith-based fun for the entire family while taking the stress of the organizing team. This free church software package has been specially designed for churches looking to plan fun family Christmas events, with an upgraded version available for only $99. No matter which package you choose, Jingle Jam is sure to help elevate your Christmas events in church, offering everything you need in one place so that you can focus on what’s really important - uniting your members and sharing the word of God!

How to Use Jingle Jam at Your Children’s Ministry


One of the most important parts of ensuring a successful church event is promoting it within your local community to ensure that all existing and potential ministry members know all the vital details before attending.

With Jingle Jam, you can spread the word about your Christmas event effortlessly with the included postcards and flyers to hand out at church or put through doors along nearby streets. The add-on media package also features a social media promotion kit for Facebook and Instagram so that you can reach even more families in your community. 


Organizing your staff and allocating tasks can be one of the most challenging aspects of planning a church Christmas event, which is why Jingle Jam includes a director’s checklist and volunteer team description pack so that you can ensure every detail is attended to.

The free package even includes an ultra-simple, step-by-step instruction guide and decorating guide for staff and leaders to follow when organizing the event so that everything runs smoothly. 

Media and Graphics

Creating a spectacular media show with amazing graphics is an excellent way to take your church event to the next level, but this may sound difficult if you have limited technical skills or resources.

However, Jingle Jam includes a selection of sound effects and graphics slides, with extra images and videos included with the extended media package. It even offers performance tracks and live lyric videos so that church members can rejoice together through music and song to celebrate the birth of Christ. 

Volunteer Resources 

Ministry volunteers are one of the most important parts of your Christmas event, as they assist with organizing the smallest details of the celebration while also creating a welcoming environment for attendees.

To support your hard-working volunteers, the Jingle Jam extended package includes a selection of essential volunteer resources, such as training meeting notes to help staff feel secure and confident in their work. It also comes with fun t-shirt designs and a thank you postcard to show your volunteers how much you appreciate their efforts. 


Videos are one of the best ways to create an unforgettable event that engages young church members. The free Jingle Jam package offers a high-quality promotion video for your ministry to share on social media, while the Media and Graphics option also includes a fun and comprehensive Christmas story video to set the scene for your event, alongside a virtual Jingle Jam experience video with an accompanying parent guide to get the whole family involved.

Prepare for Christmas with Think Orange and Playlister

Once you’ve planned your Christmas church event with the help of Think Orange, all there is to do is count down the days until the celebration! When planning large annual events for your ministry, it is vital that all staff, church leaders, and volunteers are kept in the loop and know the plan for the event, so Playlister allows for effortless media sharing without the need for any USB sticks!

Playlister is ultra-easy to use: simply drag and drop your media - such as your church event planning checklist, Christmas videos, and audio files - into a playlist, and then these files will be available on the Playlister cloud for all organizers to access instantly. Because Playlister is so easy to use, it means that staff and volunteers can focus on creating an unforgettable Christmas event for your ministry without any stress or hassle. 

Learn more about Playlister today and prepare to have an amazing Christmas! 

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