7 Best Sites for Worship Church Background Images

Incorporating church background images in your worship space enhances the visitor experience. You can have fun with your worship background images and even choose a temporary church background to support your sermon — for example, by using Easter background images.

Grant Glas
February 27, 2023
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Incorporating church background images in your worship space enhances the visitor experience. You can have fun with your worship background images and even choose a temporary church background to support your sermon — for example, by using Easter background images. 

With digital technologies at our fingertips, adding a new dimension to the worship experience has never been easier. Bring your sermons to life with a creative background image to display every worship service, which will help  your congregation connect with your message more easily. Research shows the benefit of visual stimuli in information comprehension and retention, which can support your overall worship experience.

Curious about the impact church background images could have on your church? When it comes to choosing the right background images, there are a few things to consider. Keep reading for a full breakdown and six websites to get you started.

Choosing a Background

Two different types of typical church worship background images

Will you go down the classic root or opt for something a little more daring? Common themes for church background images include stunning shots of nature (think mountains, rivers, and lakes). God’s beautiful earth will always make sense as a background image, making these an easy choice — but they do tend to get overused.

Abstract takes featuring light leaks, different textures, and bold colors, are another popular option. This adds a little flair to a standard nature image without being too “out there.” Take it a step further and lean into the abstractions by choosing geometric backgrounds with interesting shapes taking the limelight.

Still or Moving Background

Story Loop background slides

Will your background image remain the same throughout the sermon, or will it change to match the different sections? Still backgrounds may be the most straightforward to assemble, but church motion backgrounds add a new dimension to a standard sermon. Using motion graphics, you can either set a loop to repeat or create a sequence.

Story Loop creates media sequences for church backgrounds at an affordable price. Most of its videos focus on storytelling and will assist in sharing a biblical story by adding a visual aid. Choosing a background loop to complement your service can help you create a compelling sermon each week, but it does take a lot more technical know-how.

Church Presentation Software

Playlister presentation software setup kit

How will you share your background church images? What church presentation software will you use to display them? Finally, consider the means you will use to display your backdrops for churches. The main things to consider are ensuring the image stays high quality and the software is user-friendly and reliable — you don’t want technical difficulties to become a standard part of your Sunday services!

You may already use Playlister to share your digital signage and kids' curriculum, but did you know you can also use it to assist with your worship background images? Place an Apple TV or projector behind where your pastor speaks and set up the images to stream. This seamless process makes embracing church background images a breeze.

Now you have an idea of the type of background images you will install at your church — it’s time to find them! Here are our top six picks for prime quality, royalty-free images.

7 Best Sites for Church Background Images

1. iStock

With more than 20,000 options available iStock is a popular choice for both still and moving church backgrounds. Although it doesn’t offer many freebies, you can enjoy ten royalty-free images for just $40. A single photo typically costs $13.

iStock website

2. Shutterstock

Boasting a huge number of church background images (north of one million!), Shutterstock won’t leave you short of choice. It offers a monthly subscription, starting at $29 for ten credits or $49 for 50.

Shutterstock website

3. Tithe.ly Media

From images for social media and sermons to motion graphics and background images, our friends at Tithe.ly offer thousands of free content. And to make sure you caught what I just said, their graphics are entirely free.

Tithe.ly media website page

4. Unsplash

Unsplash is the number one point of call for all your free worship backgrounds. The user-friendly interface allows you to select portrait or landscape orientation, and paid or unpaid, and to filter through and find the perfect image for you.

Unsplash website

5. Pexels

Enjoy more than 20,000 photos and 2,000 videos related to church backgrounds at Pexels. The best part? Every single piece of media posted on its site is free to download, with the odd sponsored package appearing in the feed.

Pexels website

6. Pixabay

Offering thousands of free church background images, Pixabay is a popular choice for a reason. All the images it posts are free for download, but there’s an option to choose paid-for iStock photos if you wish.

pixabay website

7. Freepik

Go premium on your Freepik account for just $12 per month to enjoy unlimited downloads of the highest quality images it offers. Or, stick to the freebies and enjoy its vast collection of inspiring church background images.

Freepik website

Get Onboard With Worship Church Background Images

Man standing on top of a large rock looking at sunset

Enhance your Sunday sermons by selecting a background image to bring your pastor’s talks to life. Adding a visually appealing element helps people listen better and enhances the worship experience by adding an emotional connection.

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