7 Reasons Churches Don’t Use Playlister

Yup, you read that right. We’re discussing why churches cancel, churn, leave, and say goodbye to Playlister. One of our core values at Playlister is Radical Transparency- so we want to be transparent about reasons Playlister may not work for your church.

Chris Holland
March 28, 2023
How to Use Playlister

One of our core values at Playlister is Radical Transparency- so we want to be transparent about reasons Playlister may not work for your church. We also want to show you the steps we are taking to learn from this feedback and build the best platform for you. So- here are the top reasons churches don’t use Playlister… and what we’re doing to help.

What we heard from IT and the Kids Min team: “I don’t have Apple TVs”

Playlister only runs on an Apple TV- we understand that most churches have computers or Roku TVs in place instead.

What we’re doing about it

Here’s the deal - We’ll ship you a free Apple TV when you set up a monthly plan for Playlister.

You can cancel Playlister, and keep the Apple TV, if it’s not a good fit. Just click here and use the code apple to get yours.

Use the promo code: "apple" for a free Apple TV

What we heard from the Kids Min team: “Playlister costs too much”

Let’s face it- downloading content to USB sticks and then running thumb drives to all your TVs is free. Or maybe you already have ProPresenter running in your rooms.

What we’re doing about it

We believe that Playlister is priced to reflect the time it saves leaders- so even though there are no discount opportunities- we want to make sure you are confident in your decision to try Playlister.

Our Average Trustpilot ranking is: 4.8 Stars

Here's the deal with ProPresenter, if you are using it in your classroom, Playlister costs 30% less.

Our Average G2 ranking is: 4.8 Stars

What we heard from IT: “I have a system in place”

If you just spent a bunch of $$$ on new computers for ProPresenter- we understand why you’d hesitate to replace everything with an Apple TV.

What we’re doing about it

What’s the bottom line? If you’re locked in a contract with ProPresenter or another company we’ll buy out the remaining time so you can switch to Playlister. Just click here to chat with us about this.

What we heard from the Kids Min team: “We don’t use Orange Curriculum

Playlister integrates with Orange Curriculum so that all your curriculum appears and you don’t have to sit through downloads.

Although you can upload any media to Playlister, some folks that switch from Orange to another curriculum switch from Playlister too.

What we’re doing about it

You might be wondering: how many churches use Playlister but don’t use Orange?

Turns out- lots of them. In fact, hundreds of our customers use The Gospel Project, Grow, and Wonder Ink curriculum.

Most of our partner’s biggest headaches in curriculum prep (pre-Playlister) come from getting content to TVs, training volunteers to use the computers, and putting out fires during service. Uploading something into any tool you use tends to be the easiest part :-)

What we heard from a couple departments: “It’s not our budget season right now / spending is frozen”

Let’s say you stop by the Playlister booth at Orange Conference in April and get excited about Playlister… but your budget doesn’t renew until July.

What we’re doing about it

Look- we get it. Our top priority is partnering with your Ministry. This means we can be flexible with extended free trials and get you set up on cancel-anytime monthly plans so that you can make a confident choice during your budget season.

What we heard from the Kids Min team: “I have enough volunteers”

Let me explain: some churches are blessed to have extra volunteers or prioritize serving opportunities where students run ProPresenter in class and don’t want to eliminate these jobs.

What we’re doing about it

In a lot of cases it may make sense to stick with your current setup here. But, if you start feeling a strong need for these volunteers elsewhere- you can probably replace them with an Apple TV and move them to a more impactful serving opportunity.

What we heard from IT: “I’m just playing one video”

Sometimes all you need to do is throw a quick video up for the lesson and focus on group activities for the remainder of class.

This doesn’t require all the planning, setup, and staff- so you need the easiest way to just play one video and move on with the lesson.

What we’re doing about it

Here’s the deal- it’s good to hear that you’re able to keep programming simple with just one video. We’re keeping Playlister as simple as possible so that it is even easier than getting flash drives to your locations to play your videos. Elevation Church was using laptops in each room to play a Kids Min video for each service. They switched to Playlister because, since they were just playing one video, they wanted to reduce the effort it took to get the video in all their spaces.

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