A Breakdown of Orange Curriculum’s VBS Over the Years

Travel back in time with us as we explore the different vacation Bible school curricula that have been offered since 2018. Starting with their current curriculum for 2022, this guide will walk you through the Orange curricula over the years.

Grant Glas
October 13, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

As one of the leading providers of children’s ministry curriculum, Think Orange has also brought us some of the best VBS curriculums. Travel back in time with us as we explore the different vacation Bible school curricula that have been offered since 2018. Starting with their current curriculum for 2022, this guide will walk you through the Orange curriculum over the years. 

2022 – Make Waves

Bringing engaging content that is specifically designed to suit the needs of each age group, this vacation bible school curriculum puts the kids at the forefront. Combining large group activities like worship, music, games, and drama, with intentional small groups rotation sessions to provide greater focus, this Orange kids curriculum covers it all.

The theme of each day is rooted in scripture, providing your kids with a direct focus and bringing each activity back to God. Simple, succinct, and memorable phrases are extracted from the scripture to help kids remember the relevance and prevalence of God’s word, in their everyday lives.

Customizable to fit each church’s specific needs, the resources that they offer are designed to maximize the potential of your community's unique needs. Whether your church environment is online, in person, or hybrid, Orange will be sure to accommodate your specific requirements. 

Help the children to forge a deeper connection with the curriculum with their Summer Strategy plan. Offering two months of their children’s ministry curriculum for free when you purchase the VBS curriculum, Orange seeks to be as effective and empowering as possible. You can learn more about Orange kids ministry curriculum here.

Incredibly well priced at just $199 without the USB and $229 with, this week-long VBS will be well worth it. A stimulating and dynamic environment is proven to be the most effective for encouraging children to learn more about the word of Christ – fun and faith can go hand in hand.

2021 – Press Play

Teaching children to see themselves through God’s eyes, the Press Play vacation bible school curriculum instilled confidence. By focusing on Bible stories like Zacchaeus and The Story of the Lost Sheep alongside concise take-aways, Orange lifted youngsters to be the best that they can be. 

Including lessons like ‘I can have confidence because I belong’ and ‘I can have confidence because I am forgiven’, this VBS highlighted the all-loving and all-forgiving nature of God. Your child will be happier when navigating the world, knowing that they always have a friend walking by their side. 

2020 – Focus

Using sensory learning to highlight the value of faith, Focus was the purpose of the 2020 curriculum for Orange. The central message conveyed to the kids was: we can trust in what we can’t see, thanks to the things that we can see. Trust in your senses, just like you can trust in God.

By hearing the word of God, spreading it by talking, praying whenever you can, and living for God by loving others, faith comes alive. Bringing connection to Christ into every moment of your life enables easy worship, endless love, and boundless joy.

2019 – Power Up

Filled with retro-themed fun, Power Up brought old-school 8-bit video games from the 80s to your bible school. With a toe-tapping soundtrack to make the participants swell with energy and light, this theme was definitely one to remember! Vacation bible school songs like these are a sure-fire way of making the kids laugh, smile, and dance.

The focus was on Bible stories that portray the love and power of God, as well as His overwhelming hope for a relationship with each and every one of us. Complete with exciting additional features like temporary tattoos, sound-activated LED bracelets, and neon pixelated sunglasses, the 2019 curriculum was one your kids would not have wanted to miss. 

2018 – Amped

Urging kids to live each day knowing that God has a plan for them, the Amped curriculum brought energy and extremity to the VBS. The slogan “Live Fully Alive!” sought to bring kids back to the present moment, where they can truly appreciate the gifts that God has given us.

With the knowledge that Jesus came to Earth, lived, and died, all so that we could have the privilege of life, how could we not live life to the fullest? Kids were reminded that God has a plan for all of us and that we are all a part of a bigger story, to encourage mindful choices. We matter, but so do others, so living with compassion and kindness is the only way to honor Jesus’ life.

Every year, Orange has surprised us with a theme that somehow surpasses the last. Twinning current themes that the kids will enjoy with the grounding and honest word of God, Think Orange knows that a life of faith must start from within. Meeting youngsters where they are is a field in which Orange repeatedly excels, combining child development expertise with current and relevant themes.

As usual, Orange has prioritized the family and parent-child bonds in its curriculum. Thanks to the thoughtful resources that are designed to strengthen relationships, you can expect kids to share what they’ve learned with their parents, bringing worship home.

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