A Guide to the Best Church Worship Software

Back in the day, church ministry was simple. All it required was the word of God, and people would gather wherever they could. Although disorganization was probably rife, people were happy to share moments of prayer with God together with people in their communities.

Chris Holland
September 6, 2022
Church Software

11 Best Worship Software Options for Church in 2022

Nowadays, with worship software at our fingertips, ministry has infinitely greater potential. While the central message and purpose of the church have stayed the same, the worship tools we have at our fingertips are far more impressive.

Whether you like to do things the traditional way or are an avid believer in the benefits of technology in daily life, church worship software could change the game. Save your time, energy, and resources to focus on what really matters by utilizing worship programs and church presentation software in your ministry. 

Do you have no idea what we are talking about? Keep reading for an outline of the 11 best worship software you can find in 2022.

What Is Church Worship Software?

Church team discussing what is church software

Church worship software consists of any form of technology that facilitates easy worship. This includes a whole host of worship tools, from things designed to help church leaders get organized to automated check-in services for kids and volunteers. While these may not be directly related to worshiping, they enable churches to run smoothly and get more done.

Am I Ready for Church Software?

If you have an online directory listing all your attendees and volunteers, guess what? You have already dipped your toe in the world of church software. Everything that takes place on our computers and gives us a shortcut to an end goal is powered by software.

It isn’t something to fear but something to use to your advantage. Think about how much your church could achieve when menial tasks are taken care of without a volunteer or worker needing to do a thing! Get the computer to take half of your to-do list and save valuable time for you and your church workers.

Why Use Church Worship Software?

The real question is, why wouldn’t you use church worship software? It keeps your church service running smoothly and your workers organized. 

By providing one central place for information for everyone, there will be no more triple-checking emails or getting lost in spreadsheets. Church worship software is a useful all-in-one tool that makes running a ministry endlessly easier.

How to Use Church Worship Software

Church tech team using church software

How you use your software will change depending on which software package you choose, as each will have its own instructions. Generally, you will use your software to build your Sunday services, organize your volunteers and workers, and share media like music, videos, and photos with your congregation. You can also use ChMS to track donations and create savings forecasts for your ministry.

Choosing Your Church Worship Software

When choosing the right worship software for your church, it can feel like there are a million and one things to consider. The truth is that most software options are scalable for smaller ministries and larger church networks, so you can find one that fits you and your community. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a summary of the top church worship software options in 2022.

What Is Church Presentation Software?

While church worship software helps with all elements of church organizing and planning, church presentation software is dedicated to sharing media. Think of worship presentation software as a kind of PowerPoint designed with the church in mind. It enables you to share all kinds of content, both with your congregants at a Sunday service and with church leaders at a meeting.

Why Use Church Presentation Software?

Unless you are set on making your life harder with USB sticks and old-school projectors, your church needs good presentation software. Many options have songs and scripture inbuilt into the system or have an easy upload option for you to select your own, helping you create dynamic and exciting presentations. When you upgrade your presentation software, the sky really is the limit.

How to Use Church Presentation Software

Using church software

Depending on the program you choose, you will either have to download your song lyrics and scripture slides from a resource library or manually upload your media. Everything depends on the software's fundamental functionality and your specific requirements. But as long as you know your way around PowerPoint, we are sure you have the skills to navigate most software options.

What Kind of Software Do I Need?

Your needs as a church will affect the type of software requirements you have. Factors like the size of your service to the number of volunteers to the style of preaching that’s used will influence your decision. Still not sure which is the best worship software for you? Try answering some of these questions to gain much-needed clarity on what your ministry could use a helping hand with.  

Who is going to use it most? 

Will the program be used mainly by your staff or a volunteer base? Take each person's skill level and volunteer turnover rate into account before making a decision. 

If you frequently have new volunteers walking through the door, you need an easy-to-use system that requires minimal training. On the other hand, software designed mainly for your church leaders can afford to be a bit more technical.

Which features are essential?

Are basic functions enough, or does your church require a more complete presentation software solution? Testing out the first month’s free trial is a smart way to test which features you need in practice as it is hard to know what you might need before diving in. 

Most software providers have different membership tiers with various elements included. It's crucial to go into the decision-making process with a clear idea of your needs.

What is your budget?

Working through your church’s annual budget for software is essential before making any purchases. You don’t want to splurge on church presentation software only to realize you have no money remaining to fund your accounting services. 

Assign yourself an overall budget first, then see what wiggle room you have for spending. Remember that some software options offer their basic services for free.

What does your ministry think?

Why not turn the question to the floor and ask your church workers, volunteers, and leaders what they think too? It might shine a light on an area of your ministry lacking resources or guidance. 

You could even ask your congregation what they think, as you might discover that parents have been worried about the check-in services for kids’ ministry and would prefer an automated system. 


Will it save money or time? 

Consider how this software will affect your most precious and limited resources – money and time. If it will drain either, then it's probably not worth the hassle. Your best bet will be to pick software that is simple to use, quick to educate volunteers on, and reasonably priced. 

You may think it sounds impossible to find something that ticks all of your boxes, but if you find it easy to navigate, your volunteers probably will too.

Will it support you in the future?

Choose a piece of software that will meet your demands now but expand with you as you grow. You may have to increase your budget or invest more time in team training, but you won't have to change your software again for another five or ten years. 

Opting for a limited software might actually stunt your ministry’s development and prevent your church from achieving all it deserves.

Top Church Worship Software Options in 2022

Now you have answered those questions you should be a lot more certain of what you need from the software. We have created a list of the best church worship software packages out there in 2022 to help you make the right decision for your church. Keep reading to find a worship software package that ticks all the right boxes for your ministry’s needs. 


Playlister website

For a premium church presentation software that’s thought of everything a church could need, Playlister is the software for you. Upload your content to this church management software, and it will automatically schedule content and send it to your Apple TV. 

Send the content you need to the required location from the comfort of your own home with this completely remote-controlled software for churches. Save hours of organizing time at your church, streamline your services, and heighten the efficiency of your kids’ ministry with Playlister.


  • Complete remote access
  • Works for hallway and signage displays too
  • Connects to any Apple TV screen
  • Intuitive usage – barely any training is needed
  • Drag and drop your content in seconds
  • Volunteer friendly interface
  • Designed for Mac and iOS


Yodeck website

If digital signage is a favorite at your church, Yodeck could be the solution you need. This digital sign software company specializes in quality on-screen media for both your display walls and bulletin boards. 

Users can build playlists of video files, images, graphics, and more. Starting at $7.99 per month, Yodeck is an affordable option but is mainly suited to churches that only need presentation software with basic features.


  • Display media on screen
  • Manage and schedule content
  • Totally remote screen management
  • Automatic upgrades and support
  • Intuitive scheduling to maximize your reach
  • Free widgets and screen layout templates

Faithlife Proclaim

Faithlife website

Faithlife Proclaim is a compact and user-friendly choice for sharing worship services and sermons at church. This flexible option allows teams to work side-by-side simultaneously, whether remote or in-house, and has no limit on the number of installs available for Mac and PC. 

It includes upwards of 15,000 videos, motion graphics, and other materials to engage congregations everywhere. With pricing starting at $19.99 per month, Faithlife Proclaim is the best option for flexibility of use.


  • Effortless animation
  • Easy live stream and multi-screen setup
  • Offline presenting
  • Multi-screen support
  • Layout and design
  • Customizable templates


MediaShout website

The attractive and intuitive interface is one of the most appealing features of MediaShout, but only if your ministry runs through Windows. If you use Mac, you will have to settle for version 6 instead of the latest version 7 because of compatibility issues. 

Version 7 for one computer costs $399 or $499 for unlimited screens, or you can opt for the more affordable option MediaShout LE for access to limited features for just $29 per month.


  • Quick display for lyrics, announcements, and more
  • Engaging backgrounds to inspire your congregation and visitors
  • 25 presentation templates for worship gatherings
  • All the tools you need for worship media
  • 70 Bible versions


EasyWorship website

Build your entire worship service quickly and efficiently in one place with EasyWorship. Take care of everything, from lyrics to videos to sermon slides, using this church presentation software that allows for customizable designs that let you tailor the backgrounds and video aesthetics to your preference. 

It even features Confidence Monitor (or stage display settings) to keep any pastors or preachers up to date with what's coming next. Their basic subscription is $15 per month, billed annually.


  • Customizable user interface
  • Supports multiple outputs
  • Integrate your streaming
  • Effortlessly go live from the web
  • Create overlays to add a unique touch

Tithe.ly Church Giving

Tithe.ly website

Tithe.ly’s worship software was created for busy church leaders and hardworking teams who are dedicated to providing the best worship experience. Doing this doesn’t have to take your entire day on Saturday if you have the right software behind you. 

Grow your ministry with this software designed to boost community engagement with a streamlined user interface. Prioritize what matters by equipping your team with the tools they need to thrive. This software gives you the option to buy the full package for $99 or pick and choose the parts you need.


  • Automated workflow
  • Group management
  • Check-in for kids and volunteers
  • Integrated online giving
  • Service planning
  • Reporting and insights


ChurchTrac website

This worship software allows your team to outline the worship service, schedule volunteers, build the song list, and upload any additional resources you might need. Track the goings on at every corner of your church with ChurchTrac, as it allows you to keep a close eye on spending, funds, and budgets. 

This software option is excellent value for money as you can get your church management software for unlimited users for free if you need it. You will have to pay up to $72 per month depending on the specific needs of your ministry.


  • Church messaging
  • Check-in systems
  • Automatic accounting
  • Event management
  • Worship planning


Bitrix24 website

As Bitrix24 is software with more than 35 management tools and a fully functioning free option, it is a popular choice for many faith-based and non-profit organizations with limited funds. The paid option, however, ranges from $43-350 per month. 

Although this software wasn’t designed specifically for ministry, its system can efficiently adapt to the church environment. Create your own user-friendly interface for your church to enable seamless working, with everything you need in one well-connected space. And you can easily integrate social media channels to spread your central message further.


  • Website building
  • Handy templates
  • Invoicing tools
  • CRM integration
  • Employee directory
  • Quotes and invoice generation


Excellerate website

Excellerate is the software solution your ministry is looking for if you want your church administration to function more straightforwardly. As you have the freedom to customize your interface, it will feel like this software was designed just for your church. 

Both desktop and cloud options are available, so you can use Excellerate in whichever way your church needs it. This worship software covers absolutely everything, from visitor tracking and follow-ups to spiritual gifts and skills.


  • Member tracking
  • Mass emailing services
  • Detailed church directories 
  • Attendance tracking
  • Online giving hub
  • Team creation for small groups

Planning Center

Planning Center website

With the help of the Planning Center, your church can conveniently arrange its information to plan events, facilitate internal communication, and maintain contact with your members. Flexibility is at the heart of this software, as it allows you to choose the free plan, the premium option, or select the software products as you need them. 

It custom-makes a monthly fee for each church depending on how many donations there are, the number of expected check-ins, and how many events are planned. This system ensures you will never pay for more than you need, keeping your pricing fair.


  • Calendar and invites 
  • Check-in and attendance tracking
  • Giving services and donations
  • Publishing tools
  • Small group set up
  • Engagement dashboard

Big Screen

Big Screen website

A multilingual church needs church presentation software with dual capabilities, and that’s exactly what Big Screen has to offer. It lets you design and manage presentations for church services and social gatherings and can be used to develop themes for a unified appearance across several platforms. 

It features scripture translations from the New King James Version, La Biblia de las Américas, the Japanese Contemporary Bible, and more. Using several Bible translations encourages inclusion and increases the sense of belonging for non-English speakers in your congregation with Big Screen's multilingual capabilities.


  • Looping background videos
  • Adaptable themes
  • Countdown timers
  • Location focused sharing 
  • Multiple screens for multilingual churches


When selecting worship programs for churches, price, efficiency, and usability are the three most central things to keep in mind. Worship leader tools that make running a church feel like a breeze are invaluable for pastors, as they clear essential space for what really matters – community. Embrace an easy worship program at your church and give your church leaders the gift of time.

While the worship software for churches has changed an unbelievable amount, the spirit of ministry stays the same. Your church will be unstoppable when administrative work is taken care of, and your church's services are smooth running and streamlined. Church software can note visitors and attendance so you can reach out to those who slip through the net, gather useful data about demographics at your church, and track your church's growth too. 

A church presentation software, on the other hand, is an essential tool for sharing media on the big screens. Presenting the children’s ministry curriculum to your kids at Sunday school and sharing songs and media during services will bring them to life. Remember – your church needs a presentation software just as much as it needs a worship program for organization.

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