August Product Updates

In August, our engineering team built several new updates to help our customers. Check them out here and start putting them to use.

Grant Glas
August 24, 2019
Church Software

Introducing Media Preview

The all new way to view media in your browser! Last week we sent out an anonymous customer survey. Here are some of your ideas that we've brought to life. We've highlighted Media Preview because it was the most suggested feature.

Media Preview improves how you view media in your browser. Just hover your mouse over an item and it will enlarge. Media preview will make it even easier for you to prepare your content in Playlister.

Hover over media with your cursor

Meet your Remote Play Button

Here's another update you all suggested. Just select a screen in Screen Manager View and click the play button to begin playing a playlist on that specific screen.

Remote play one screen from the Screen Manager view

Introducing Duplicate Playlists

The all new way to build playlists faster! Have you ever wished that you could just duplicate a playlist instead of building a new one from scratch? Now you can.

Just right click a playlist and select "duplicate" to duplicate the playlist along with all of its content, tags, and scheduled display dates.

Thank you to Lee Whitehorne from Believers Church and Brandon Johnson from Northview Church for suggesting this feature!

Introducing Playlister Quick Add

The all new way to add more items to your playlists! Have you ever wanted to add an entire library to a playlist without dragging and dropping each item? If so, Quick Add is a new feature that you'll love!

Shoutout to Jon Armstrong from Mariners South County for helping us design this feature!

Introducing Screen List View

The all new way to organize your screens! Now, instead of scrolling through all your screen thumbnails, simply switch into List View by clicking the "List View" icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Once in List View, you can sort screens by clicking on the category you'd like to sort by (ex. Status or Tags).

Switch your screens into list view

Introducing Custom Colors

The all new way to customize your TV screens! Log into your account and customize your display in your account settings.

Upload your logo and select your colors.

Customize all your TVs with your brand and colors

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