Back to School Essentials for 2022

Fall is almost here, which can only mean one thing. The new school year! Kids love the feeling of having a stylish pencil case packed with new pens and pencils, a new favorite outfit, and a lunchbox to show to all their friends. Get your kids ready to learn with these essential back-to-school supplies.

Chris Holland
September 14, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

10 Back to School Supplies Every Child Needs

1. A New Book Bag

Girl wearing her new book bag

While a new backpack isn’t always essential at the start of the year, it is a surefire way to help kids feel ready for the year ahead. A sturdy bag to hold all their books and must-have school supplies will prepare them for anything the semester throws their way. Book bags are essential back-to-school supplies for children of all ages – all that changes is the size and sophistication of the backpack.

2. Pens and Pencils

Pencil case

Did you know that neat handwriting is far easier with a high-quality pen or pencil? Investing in your child’s writing utensils will boost their confidence and encourage better writing habits from a young age. Schools typically support the switch from pencil to pen at around age 8 or 9, but it depends on each child’s capabilities. Their school teacher should let you know when they are ready.

3. Don’t Forget Colors

Young kid holding all the crayons in two hands

Creativity is a significant element of school education too, and kids need to be equipped with different colors for whatever task comes their way. Choose a brightly colored set of crayons, felt tips, or gel pens, depending on their age, and they will be ready to create at a moment's notice. Smelly gel pens have a unique fragrance for each color – your kids will be obsessed with these cool back-to-school supplies!

4. Modern Lunch Box

Putting a salad in the kids lunch box

Packing your kids' lunchbox puts you in control of exactly what they are eating, keeping their munching habits healthy throughout the day. Did you know that the more diverse the lunches are, the more your children will enjoy them? Packing interesting food will be endlessly easier with the right gear. Check out this list of smart modern lunchboxes and get your kids excited for lunch every day.

5. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable and playful water bottle

Hydration is key, but little ones often forget to drink water. When they have the right vessel, your kids will find it easier to remind themselves to keep sipping throughout the day. Opt for bold and bright colors, and add a straw to make drinking water a breeze. You could even try an insulated bottle to keep the water fresh and delicious, so they drink up and stay hydrated at school. 

6. Clothes or Uniform

Kids in class

Embrace your kids' growth spurts by ensuring they have a fresh new uniform at the start of each school year. Practicality isn’t everything, so let them pick out some cool school supplies to boost their confidence in class. Let them select a few back-to-school accessories to let their personality shine, but be sure to adhere to their school's dress code requirements!

7. Masks (Just Incase!)

Kids at school with masks

If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that we can never be sure what life will throw at us. Pack a few reusable masks into your kids' backpacks for school so they can protect themselves from any classroom germs if they feel like they need them. Schools may not require masks, but pack them one for protection in case of a germ emergency.

8. Sanitizer and Wipes

Pouring hand sanitizer on kids hands

Parents know better than anyone why children aren’t known for being clean and cautious. Have you ever sent your kids to school looking clean and pristine, only to return home as though they have rolled around in the mud at lunch? We have been there. Packing them wipes and sanitizer gives them control over any messes or spills and makes your life a whole lot easier too.

9. Laptop or Computer

Girls using a laptop at school

A laptop or computer isn’t exactly a school must-have, but it could boost your child’s learning experience. Some schools provide laptops for when a lesson needs research, but others require children to show up fully equipped. This is usually saved for kids in high school and up, as they are expensive pieces of equipment that are too much responsibility for younger kids to handle. (You will only have yourself to blame if your 5th grader breaks their laptop at school!)

10. Planner and Notebooks

Monthly planner

A selection of notebooks is essential for back to school, helping your kids keep their notes organized and their lessons impactful. Planners are usually introduced at middle school as your child starts learning essential skills like time management and planning ahead. Picking bold and brightly colored staple school supplies will encourage them to write neatly and take pride in their school work.


Each new school year is a fresh start for children to build better working habits, keep growing with their friends, and learn something new every day. Put your kids’ education first with these back-to-school must-haves that will keep them motivated and excited. 

Funding essentials for back to school can be daunting for some families, which is why many churches offer support to ensure no child in their community goes without. If you are considering setting one up at your local ministry, check out this blog on the top things to consider when hosting a back-to-school donation event.

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