Best Church Presentation Software for Mac

Nowadays, Mac and iOS power many churches across the world. If you have ever made the switch from Android to Apple – you will know how drastic this technological shift can feel. A different style of operating system means different points to consider when selecting your church software.

Grant Glas
September 7, 2022
Church Software

Church Software for Mac: A Comparison

Keep reading for our top worship programs for Mac, helping church leaders everywhere run their ministry with ease.

Things to Consider for Mac Users 


When using Macs in an advanced church AV setup or other professional AV settings, there are a few things you should be aware of. If you are already firmly in the Mac camp, whether as a single user or an administrator of an all-Mac AV setup, you have probably encountered some of these unique issues already. Bear these factors in mind if you are only just beginning to use a Mac-first approach.


 1. Display Support

Most people assume external screens to be a simple, static technology. All you have to do is plug your device into the big screen with an HDMI or USB cable... right?

Anyone who runs a multi-screen system at church will know it's never this simple in practice. As Macs can be a little particular about which monitors they will support, you might run into a few more hiccups along the way than you expected. The more hardware you use (such as HDMI splitters, receivers, dongles, and whatever else you need), the greater the likelihood that something in the chain won't work with Apple.  

Recently, Apple switched to its own internal range of processors (starting with the M1, M1 Pro, and M1 Max chipsets). These handle display outputs differently than Intel devices, making the situation more complex for Mac users. Although it is tricky to pull off, you can build a powerful AV system around Mac computers. 

2. Church Presentation Software Compatibility Issues

The second major issue is that certain rival worship presentation software programs are incompatible with macOS. For instance, up until version 6, MediaShout supported both Mac and Windows, but version 7 is PC-only. The Presenter tool in Worship Extreme operates similarly. 

Choose a truly cross-platform solution that functions equally well on Mac and Windows computers if you're running a Mac-only configuration. We do not advise becoming Mac-only, as you never know who might need to loop into your system – when a guest speaker turns up with an old Lenovo, you will need the accessibility to include them.

3. Less Room for Software Freedom With Mac

You may have heard of Apple’s unofficial slogan: it just works. The simplified interface features condensed setup menus, as the majority of functions run flawlessly without intervention. This system is fantastic if you plan to run common office programs while studying or working in a coffee shop. 

However, this simplicity might start to cause issues if you need to execute more sophisticated tasks, like doing something that deviates significantly from the normal approach. It may seem miraculous when it does “just work”, but when it doesn’t it can be impossible to find a route around the problem.

So, Which Is the Best Church Presentation Software for Mac?

Once you go Mac, you never go back. That’s why we have compiled a list of the best church software for Mac, helping you make the most of the streamlined interface at your ministry. Keep reading for a comparison of the top nine options for church worship software for Mac – it will make your decision a whole lot easier.


Playlister church software

For an all-in-one church presentation software for Mac and Windows that is sophisticated, streamlined, and great value for money, Playlister is what you need. As five years of Playlister costs 30% less than ProPresenter, it’s clear to see why Playlister is the favorite. Not only that, Playlister specifically helps volunteers working in kids’ ministry and facilitates the highest quality of education at your Sunday school.

Having just one hardware solution for all of your screens at church makes presenting a breeze while your church can expand. Playlister is effortless to set up and even easier to use.


  • Complete remote access from the comfort of your own home
  • Works for hallway and signage displays too
  • Connects to any Apple TV screen
  • Intuitive usage – barely any training is needed
  • Drag and drop your content in seconds
  • Volunteer friendly interface
  • Designed for Mac and iOS

Worship Tools – Presenter

Worship tools software

Simple, powerful, and free are the three words best used to describe Worship Tools Presenter. It was built to fill the need for a simple yet feature-rich church presentation that is still easy to use. Many churches enjoy the no-frills interface that’s sleek, attractive, and easy to navigate.

This lightweight solution is ideal for churches that are hoping to save a buck, but its minimalist design might not be sufficient for all ministries.


  • Access anywhere cloud sync
  • Cue lists scripts for your service
  • Motion graphics 
  • Feature packed software
  • Music stand integration


MediaShout software

To use MediaShout for Mac at your church, you will have to be happy with version 6 instead of the latest version 7. On the plus side, version 6 is cheaper, coming in at just $299 for unlimited Macs. But on the downside, you won’t be able to expect the premium features that come with version 7. 


Unless you have been using MediaShout for years and can’t imagine making the switch, we would not recommend choosing MediaShout for Mac/iOS compatibility.


  • Quickly display lyrics, scripture announcements, sermon points, and more
  • Beautiful backgrounds to engage your congregation and visitors in worship
  • Easy presentations to put together and run for your worship gatherings
  • All the tools you need for worship media


Praisenter software

Free church presentation software with in-presentation overlay notifications, customization, and simple Bible verse presentation. It is an on-premise and cloud-based presentation tool created for churches of all sizes that assists in quickly finding bible verses and producing unique slides with images, video, and audio.

This free option is perfect for a quick fix or a simple solution to church presentation but isn't a good choice for those seeking sophisticated presentation software.


  • Slides and templates
  • Bible verses songs and more
  • Add photos, videos, and media
  • Smooth transitions


OpenLP software

OpenLP’s feature-rich open-source church presentation platform won't tie you to recurring subscription fees, device platforms, or even the presentation computer. You can install as many copies of the program as you like on Windows, Linux, Mac, or FreeBSD, and can travel using one of our remote programs.

This simplified bible presentation software for Mac is a great option for churches seeking a basic and free worship presentation software for Mac.


  • Easy import presentations
  • Import Bibles or download them online
  • Unlimited stage view monitors
  • Android and iOS remote control

Shift Worship

Shift Worship software


Churches worldwide can access visual tools for worship through Shift Worship. To enable churches to create and personalize their own worship media and to keep the costs as low as possible, they create superb visual media that is simple to use. Shift Worship has fresh weekly seasonal collections and media produced for internet and streaming services.

If you want to upgrade the quality of the media you share with your church – Shift Worship is the answer for you.


  • Motion and still backgrounds
  • Worship countdowns
  • Triple wide media
  • Designs for social media
  • Sermon titles


FreeShow software


FreeShow is a presentation tool that helps with displaying text on a large screen. It supports media, stage displays, remote controls, and many more cutting-edge capabilities. As it is open-sourced, anyone can contribute from a Mac, Windows, or Linux desktop. 

Does your church keep it old school and run primarily off a desktop? FreeShow is a simplified solution that will make sharing presentations a breeze.


  • Customizable templates
  • Easy to use drag and drop 
  • User-friendly layout and design 
  • In-built scripture database
  • Presentation streaming


ProPresenter software


ProPresenter is a known name when it comes to presenting, but the hefty price tag often puts people off. It has volunteer-friendly usability and the capacity to show lyrics, video playback, chord diagrams, and other content on single or several screens. Prices start at $399 for a house of worship, which is significantly pricier than other options out there.

While ProPresenter is a professional choice for presenting alone, it isn’t the best option for churches. Plenty of ProPresenter alternatives tick more boxes for a fraction of the cost.


  • Non-linear flexibility
  • Volunteer friendly interface
  • Separate outputs for lobby and auditorium
  • No different edit and present modes

Faithlife Proclaim

Faithlife Proclaim Software

Faithlife Proclaim is a clear and simple software for presenting worship services and sermons. It provides more than 15,000 pieces of video, motion graphics, and other materials to engage congregations, whether in the church or online. Teams may work together simultaneously, from anywhere, with unlimited installs available for Mac and PC!

A software solution that works with Macs and PCs alike is the best option for churches, as it keeps your channels open. However, many churches would prefer a more remote option than Faithlife has to offer.


  • Effortless animation
  • Easy live stream and multi-screen setup
  • Offline presenting
  • Multi-screen support
  • Layout and design
  • Customizable templates

The purpose of church presentation software for Mac should be to make your life easier, not harder. Choosing an overly simplified option could cause you more bumps along the road than investing in prime-quality worship presentation software for Mac. That’s why Playlister is the best all-around choice that your church can try for free.

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