How Chase Oaks Church uses Playlister

Chase Oaks, located in Plano, Texas, with thousands of people attending on a Sunday, uses Playlister on their campuses to help with services in several ways.

Grant Glas
January 27, 2023
How to Use Playlister

Attending Chase Oaks, like any other church, is a unique experience because of its new facilities and community. Some common characteristics of Chase Oaks and other churches in the Plano/Dallas area include large congregations, modern facilities, and a wide variety of programs and services. These churches often focus on contemporary worship and teaching and may also offer activities such as youth groups, small groups, and volunteer opportunities.

Chase Oaks, located in Plano, Texas, with thousands of people attending on a Sunday, uses Playlister on their campuses to help with services in several ways: 

  1. Showing videos or presentations during service, such as sermons or educational content
  2. Using screens for interactive services like virtual prayer or meet and greet.
  3. Broadcasting live events such as baptisms or special guest speakers
  4. Digital signage in their entryways

We recently visited Chase Oaks, toured their facility, and asked them a few questions about their operations and Playlister.

Where are the best places to put TVs in Chase Oaks based on your needs?

The best places to put TVs in a church will depend on the specific layout and needs of the church, but here are a few general guidelines:


TVs can be placed in the front of the sanctuary, allowing for easy viewing by all attendees.

Fellowship hall or other common areas:

TVs can be placed in these areas to provide information and entertainment for those waiting for services or events to start.


TVs placed in entryways can be used to provide information about upcoming events or services, as well as to display announcements or messages.

Classrooms and meeting rooms:

TVs can be placed in these areas for education and training.

“One of the best things about Playlister is that you can just use the Apple TV and don't need a bunch of equipment… Some of our volunteers are hesitant to change, but they embraced Playlister because it is easier for them to teach with." - David Monroe

David Monroe | Next Gen Pastor | Chase Oaks Church

Outdoor spaces:

If the church has outdoor spaces such as courtyards or patios, TVs can be placed in these areas to provide information and entertainment for those outside.

It is important to consider the viewing angles, lighting, sound, and overall aesthetics when placing the TVs. It's also good to ensure the TVs are easy to access and maintain. It's also a good idea to have a consistent brand and size of TVs throughout the campus for easy management.

How have TVs using Playlister helped in the classrooms at Chase Oaks?

Kids area at Chase Oaks

TVs are used in classrooms to enhance the learning experience in several ways:

Visual aids:

TVs can be used to display images, videos, and other visual aids that can help to engage students and make the material more exciting and interactive.


TVs can be used to display presentations, such as PowerPoint or keynote, which can help to organize and present information in a clear and easy-to-understand way.

Record keeping:

TVs can be used to record class lectures or presentations, which can later be used for revision or for students who were absent to catch up.

Online resources:

TVs can be used to access online resources, such as educational videos, websites, or interactive learning tools, which can help to supplement the material being taught in class.

What options did Chase Oaks think of before finding Playlister?

A church can use several solutions to get videos to all its TVs. It's essential to consider the quality of the video and audio, the ease of use, and the cost when choosing a solution. An AV professional can help to design and install a system that is tailored to the specific needs of the church and that integrates well with other equipment. What was perfect about Playlister is it didn't require any work for the setup process, no expensive install or IT headaches. We just plugged it in and it worked.

Media server: 

A media server can store and distribute video content to all of the TVs in the church. The media server can be set up to distribute new content to all the TVs automatically.

Video distribution system: 

A video distribution system can be used to distribute video content from a central location to all of the TVs in the church. This can include both live and pre-recorded content.

Cloud-based system: 

The church can use cloud-based systems to store and distribute videos and other media accessed by all the TVs in the church. Playlister checks the boxes on the three important ones for a church because Playlister is a cloud-based system that acts like a media server and video distribution system. 

“Its capabilities checked a ton of boxes. and did not require an AV professional to come in and do an expensive install. Our setup took minutes for each TV.”

Today thousands of churches are switching to Playlister for their video needs. Read more of our case studies here to understand the different ways Playlister is used in churches, larger and small. Ready to invest in technology to improve your processes? You can try Playlister for free today- just click here to create your free account :-)

Want to see Playlister in action first? Click here and we’ll answer all your questions on a 15 minute Zoom call.

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