Coffee is a cup of community

Phoenix Roasters Coffee is an Atlanta based coffee company with a mission to end the cycle of poverty.

Lauren Schommer
July 17, 2019
Kids Ministry Leadership

“Coffee is a cup of community”

This is a sentiment that has been expressed every time the Playlister team has met with Phoenix Roasters Coffee and is one that pushed us to re-evaluate the role that coffee plays in our lives. Back in May, we sat down with Emily Holland who runs marketing over at Phoenix to learn more about who they are and what they do. Three cups of the world’s best nitro cold brew and nearly two-hours later, we were hooked on a Phoenix partnership. 

Image courtesy of Phoenix Roasters Coffee.

Why? Because in 2 hours, Emily had described a vision for serving the Atlanta community not only the best, but the most ethically charged cup of coffee. Phoenix Roasters partners directly with farmers in Guatemala, Ethiopia, and the best coffee regions around the world and pays 3x fair-trade value on the beans that they purchase. They travel to the communities where the beans are grown. They serve those communities. They treat the farmers like family. Phoenix has built a business on strong, personal relationships and in turn, they brew the best coffee we have ever had the pleasure of tasting.

Image courtesy of Phoenix Roasters Coffee.

We love Phoenix so much that we’ve partnered to bring it to each and every one of our customers! Every Playlister order includes a pack of Phoenix for you to brew and experience for yourself! 

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