Everything You Need to Know About Pastor Appreciation Day

As pastors do the most for our churches and communities, having a day dedicated to their appreciation just makes sense. It’s always a good day to say “thank you” to your pastor or preacher, but this date offers a specific space dedicated to expressing our gratitude.

Chris Holland
September 21, 2022
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And Why It’s Important to Celebrate

We have gathered all the information we could find regarding the history of Pastor Appreciation Day and the significance of Clergy Appreciation Day. Keep reading for a complete guide on pastor appreciation month, including reasons why pastors day is important and ways to celebrate it.

What Is Pastor Appreciation Day?


Pastor Appreciation Day, otherwise known as clergy appreciation day, is dedicated to recognizing the efforts and contributions of all clergy members, including pastors, priests, reverends, and ministers. Today, this national day of appreciation in the United States is an integral part of ministry.

When Is Pastor Appreciation Day?


Pastor Appreciation Day always falls on the second Sunday of October. Use this time to share your thanks and support for the bold individuals at your church. Remember – they keep the cogs of your church turning day in and day out. This year, Pastor Appreciation Day 2022 (or Clergy Appreciation Day 2022) will fall on October 9th.

What Is the Significance of October?

Fall in October

Pastor Appreciation Day is a relatively new concept compared to Pastor Appreciation Month, which has been recognized officially since 1992. However, many believe its roots are traceable to Biblical times using this scripture from St. Paul, found in Timothy. From Pastor Appreciation Month, Pastor’s Day was created as a more focused moment for pastor appreciation.


 “The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.” 

 (1 Timothy 5:17)

Why Is It Important to Celebrate?

Celebrating your church pastor

Anyone who has benefited from the church's generosity should celebrate Pastor Appreciation Day or the entirety of October (Pastor Appreciation Month). Without the commitment and dedication of hardworking people in the church, the United States would not be the place it is today. The church, including all pastors and clergy, builds a brighter future every single day.

Research by Data USA shows us that there were 444,000 people employed as clergy members in 2020. There are thousands of individuals dedicated to serving their communities, and celebrating their efforts is essential. We need a world full of people willing to spend their lives serving God, so let’s make an effort to say thank you to those who... 

...Offer Constant Support to Their Communities

Pastors and clergy serve their communities year after year, month after month, week after week, and day after day. Their responsibilities are not limited to everyday help, as clergy members serve during major life moments too. By participating in the ups and downs of the lives of their congregants, they provide support and guidance when needed most.

...Don’t Have It Easy

Who leads funeral services, prays for the sick, and receives the brunt of people’s emotions? The clergy. In becoming a pastor or clergy member, you accept the role of harboring the feelings of others, no matter how heavy or difficult to bear they are. If someone in your community dies, it is your pastor’s responsibility to reassure the people, helping them say goodbye with grace.

...Lead Our Happiest Moments

On the flip side, take a moment to think about the happiest day of your life. Who was there, helping it all come to life? The clergy plays a crucial role in wedding ceremonies, baptisms, and more, offering their time and expertise to help our families connect with God. Who would have led your wedding day or baptized your child without the clergy?

...Sacrifice Their Comfort for God

Missionaries have a uniquely challenging role in the church as they sacrifice their safety and home comforts in the name of spreading the word of God. They serve people suffering from infectious diseases, helping them to see the light in a dark place and take it upon themselves to visit dangerous areas that need the help of God. Honorable work like that certainly deserves praise.

How to Share Your Gratitude

Holding a grateful sign

Celebrating Pastor Appreciation Day takes many different forms. Here are nine ways to show gratitude to your pastor and clergy this October. Go the extra mile to make them feel seen and valued. It will mean more to them than you could imagine.

  1. Write a heartfelt note to your pastor or clergy
  2. Make a banner reading “Happy Pastor Appreciation Day!” to surprise them when they arrive at church
  3. Cook them delicious sweet treats like jams or baked goods
  4. Give thoughtful gifts – check out this blog {INSERT LINK TO NEW BLOG} for our top 11 gift ideas for pastors
  5. Lend a helping hand at an organization where they minister
  6. Frame a photo of the congregation altogether
  7. Get kids to draw pictures for preachers and clergy members
  8. Pray for your clergy and their families
  9. Take on more religious responsibility 


Pastor reading the bible and preaching

When is Pastor Appreciation Month? 

  • October!

What is the difference between Clergy and Pastor Appreciation Day?

  • Nothing, they are the same

Do I need to celebrate my pastor this October?

  • Yes! Think of everything they do for you, even the things you might not see

When is Pastor Appreciation Day 2022?

  • October 9th

Shout your gratitude from the rooftops this October – let your pastor know how much you value them.

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