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Bring your sermons for kids to life with fun and exciting activities to complement them. Little learners need to experience the Bible in digestible chunks, so regular sermons won’t do the trick. Instead, use kid-friendly sermon activities like object lessons that will make the central message of the sermon more relatable.

Grant Glas
April 26, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

The good news is that bringing fresh energy to your children’s sermons doesn’t have to be a challenge. With an incredible selection of free children’s sermons for church and the perfect activities to accompany them online for free, you can upgrade your kids’ ministry today!

Keep reading for our top nine children’s sermons ideas you can get for free.

Ministry to Children – Trusting God in Times of Doubt

Woman reading bible in times of doubt

Show your students that God is in control with this object lesson that uses John 4:5-42 to demonstrate that we can trust Him. This is a great lesson to pair with St. Patrick’s Day to highlight the concepts of good and bad luck. In reality, we are not subject to the winds of random fate or lucky or unlucky objects. God has a plan for us all, and each act of good and bad fortune is a necessary step on our path.

Ministry to Children – Do Unto Others

This sermon for kids is a great way to explain the children’s lesson of treating others how you want to be treated. Use Luke 6:27-38 to show that we must treat everyone with kindness, even those we don’t particularly like. Though this may feel contradictory at first, remember that Jesus died for our sins when we did not deserve it. So, we should always treat other people with the same grace he showed us.

Ministry to Children – The Value of Communion

Teach the kids in your ministry why taking holy communion is so important as a Christian with this kids’ sermon. We need food to nourish our body and Jesus to nourish our soul, and every time we take communion, we are reminded of his sacrifices for us. Use The Last Supper to highlight to your Sunday school students that Jesus was the creator of this tradition that we still use today.

Ministry to Children – Believe in Him

God is in nature

This is one of our favorite children’s sermons ideas because you can get creative with how you teach it. Adapt it to the students' interests by using whichever mythical creature or fictional character they like as an example. Ask them if they think these are real, and explain that some people feel the same way about Jesus. Then, use 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 to highlight why we know he is real. We have faith in Jesus, as well as ample historical evidence.

Children’s Ministry Deals – Temptation

Kids have to fight a lot of temptation that comes in the form of bad influences. They might not realize a friend or a classmate is encouraging them to do bad things, and if the desire to fit in is strong enough, they might just do it. Use a T-shirt to show them that cutting off negative influences in our lives (the tag) won’t change the shirt itself, but it will stop it from itching our neck all day long.

Children’s Ministry Deals – Reading the Bible

Demonstrate why we must read the word of God in this quick children’s message that only requires a pair of binoculars. When we look outside at the birds using binoculars, we can see so many more details about each animal, from the color of their wings to the patterning on their feathers. The same can be said for the Bible – unless we read closely, we will miss what God is trying to teach us.

Children’s Ministry Deals – Giving Thanks 

Praising God with your hands in the air

Sermons for children teach valuable life lessons, like the importance of giving thanks. Use stationary and either post-it notes or small pieces of paper to encourage your students to write short thank you notes to each other, telling them that this used to be common practice. End the class by getting everyone to close their eyes and share a moment of gratitude with God.

Creative Bible Study – God Has a Plan

This is one of our favorite funny children’s sermons as it only requires a jigsaw and can be adapted for children of all ages. Get the kids to write Jeremiah 29:11-13 on the back of the jigsaw pieces and get the students to complete the puzzle without seeing the picture side. Even though we might not have all the pieces at first, God has a plan for our whole lives. We must trust in the path He clears for us, and all will become clear in the end.

Creative Bible Study – Ring for Joy

Ask your class to close their eyes and reflect on what they can hear. How do these sounds make them feel? Then, ring a few different bells – do they feel differently based on the pitch or how fast you ring it? Even when we feel hollow, alone, or empty, when Jesus fills us with light, we can ring for joy. Just like a bell, we can ring for all eternity with Jesus.

Transform your Sunday school classes into fun sermons for kids. Accompany them with exciting activities to help them see that God is all around us – all we have to do is have faith. Plant the seeds for a deep understanding of the Bible in your little learners’ minds, so they are set for a lifetime of faith.

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