How Heartland Church uses Playlister

Learn how Heartland Church uses Playlister across 10 different classrooms

Chris Holland
February 16, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

For years, Kids Ministry leaders have spent too much time running USB sticks around their church and sitting through curriculum downloads. Heartland Church in Fishers Indiana used to put up with the status quo of USB sticks, but as they looked ahead to regather this year- Heartland decided to leave the USB sticks in the past. Here’s why Heartland Church made the switch to Playlister, along with their tips for ministries thinking about making the move themselves.

It feels good to throw away the USB sticks

Monette Nelson, Kids Ministry Director at Heartland Church

Before Playlister, Monette’s schedule looked something like this:

  • Download curriculum to USB sticks
  • Run USB sticks to all the TVs around the building
  • Run new USBs around if something changes
  • Repeat. Every. Single. Week.

With Playlister, Monette and her team can prepare all their curriculum without even setting foot in the actual classrooms. After logging into Playlister Manage, Monette can upload their curriculum, build the lessons, and schedule when they appear on TVs across all of their classrooms. All this is done in minutes from any computer.

Use tags to segment by age groups

Another reason Heartland chose Playlister was because Playlister lets you determine what lessons appear in each classroom. By using tags in their Screen Manager, Heartland Church is able to segment which TVs appear on which screens. You can click here to read more about how tags work.

After a hugely successful regathering weekend, Monette, Melody, and the rest of Heartland Church are glad they made the move to Playlister.

Think Playlister will help at your church?

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