How to Make Your God-Inspired Vision Plain and Clear

Visions from God have always inspired Christians, from biblical times to today. When the direction we are moving in isn’t clear, we pray to God and ask for guidance. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is open your mind and heart to His grace and have faith that He will lead you.

Grant Glas
June 13, 2022
Kids Ministry Leadership

The frustrating part is that ultimately, people have zero control over whether or not a vision is bestowed upon them. Instead, visions from God in the Bible are seen as gifts given at His discretion. All we can do is clear our minds, pray, and remain on high alert for any signs or messages on what our future should hold.

If you are fortunate enough to have been blessed with a vision, simplifying it into terms that you can act upon can seem impossible. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on what to do if you receive one.

Vision is Revealed

Reading the bible and praying

The medium God uses to share a vision could be anything. When church leaders seek a sense of vision for the future, it often comes to them during Bible study, prayer, or deep moments of reflection. For many people, a vision comes from God when they call for it.

But for others, vision can appear in a far more shocking manner. Perhaps you didn’t even know you needed guidance, or maybe you just were not expecting it. But the truth is, if a vision is revealed to you by God, you will know about it. Trust your instincts, but make sure it aligns with the truth.

Write the Vision

Writing down the vision in journal

This could not be more important. Imagine that feeling when you are having the best dream of your life, only to wake up and forget it in seconds. Now multiply that by 100. That is how frustrated you will be with yourself if you see a glimpse of a vision but forget to write it down. They don't come often.

Our memories are fallible. They are subject to change in our minds in mere seconds, whether we like it or not. So keep a little notebook on you while you pray, walk, travel, or do anything special to connect with God. Jot down the gist of it as fast as you can. You can expand on it later, but you might forget the details before you get there.

Simplify the Vision

Simplifying the written vision

Now, this is the hard part. After receiving a vision from God, you must write the vision and make it plain. Essentially, you need to have such a clear grasp of this vision that you could explain it to anyone in just a few sentences, even a child. 

If your vision still feels cloudy and you can’t figure out how to take it further just yet, don’t worry—there is no rush. Be patient with your breakthroughs, as the vision is for an appointed time. Pray often, and follow these tips to gain some clarity.

Be still.

Sometimes the excitement of seeing a vision can cause us to go into a frenzy. Knowing that God has a divine plan to share with you is overwhelming, and it can cause a feeling of pressure in some people. Be still and let it flow into you, or you might lose it.

Ask Him to show you.

No matter what you are going through, asking God directly is always a good idea. Spend a little extra time at Bible study and pray for longer each day. Demonstrate to Him that you are showing up—you just need a little clarity.

Replace your plan with His vision.

Visualize what He has shown you as if you were to live by it today. Try this thought practice to reveal the essence of what it truly means. What would you achieve if you followed this vision? What good would it do for the world?

Summarize what it means to you.

Get used to writing the vision again and again, until it feels right to you, whether this is through daily journaling or on a Post-It® note you stick to your computer screen. Sit with your interpretation of the vision until you know it inside out.

Use the Vision

Hands in prayer and praise

Now you have a clear grasp of what God’s vision for your path in life is, use it every day. Remain focused on how to use it for good by leaving your comfort zone and speaking to the people He sends your way. Go to conferences, join new opportunities to serve, or get involved in new projects.

When He gives us a vision, He also gives us the unshakeable desire to follow it. Plus, He will probably help you get there. Maybe doors that would typically be closed have become cracked open, or a new person has come into your life to guide you. Have faith in the plan and live by God’s vision, and all will fall into place.

If you find yourself in a position where you need guidance but it isn’t coming your way, saying a daily prayer for clear vision is the best thing you can do. You could even use a biblical vision board to inspire you to cast a vision that does good for your community.

Dedicate yourself to Bible study and immerse yourself in Scripture on vision and goals, but never lose faith in His plan. Even if you feel somewhat lost right now, He hasn’t forgotten you. It just isn’t your time yet.

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