How to Observe Kids’ Milestones in Your Ministry

As children grow up within the church, they achieve many incredible things. Take the chance to celebrate with them every step of the way to strengthen their faith in God and cultivate deeper community connections within the church family. Treat each child as your own, and make an effort to revel in their special moments.

Grant Glas
May 26, 2022
Kids Ministry Leadership

Their achievements are magical moments where the presence of God is evident in their lives – don’t let them pass by unnoticed. Recognizing their milestones also encourages them to stay committed to the church, as they realize they are doing wonderful things and look forward to the celebrations to come.

Not sure which celebrations to pick out? These are some of the most important milestones for kids as they grow up through ministry, and some sweet ways to recognize them.

Expectant Parents

Expecting parents

A new baby is due to be born in your church community – it’s time to celebrate! There is no good news quite like that of new expectant parents, so share the news far and wide in your ministry. Why not add a notice to your digital signage congratulating the parents-to-be? This way, other people in the congregation can share their well-wishes and pray for the health of the baby on the way.

New Arrivals

Baby being held by it's mom and dad

Celebrate the birth of a new baby in your church by publicly welcoming them during the Sunday sermon. Mark the special occasion by taking a photo of the family together with their new addition. Display it on the big screen as the family comes to be greeted by the pastor. A small gift is often given, like a subscription to a parenting magazine or a small toy.

Baby Dedication

What is a baby dedication? It is a unique chance for parents to set out their hopes and dreams for their child’s future, setting them on a path of success and greatness. This step is less about the baby and more about the whole family as it represents where they hope their child will be. Parents can add to their baby’s dedication throughout the years and then gift it to the child at another milestone occasion.

Baby’s Baptism

Baby getting baptized

When a baby is baptized they are welcomed into the Kingdom of God for the first time. As they are bathed with Holy Water they are officially accepted into the church and Christianity. Typically kids are too young to participate in this process, but families will almost always hold celebrations. Mark the occasion on their behalf by creating large posters with a photo of each baptized child to place around the church for several weeks.

First Holy Communion

Taking Holy Communion for the first time is a big deal. Your kids may have watched in awe as the adults and older children receive the body and blood of Christ. So participating in it themselves is something else entirely! Give kids a shout-out on the day of their first communion so members of the congregation can congratulate them and make their big day even more special.


Young girl learns how to read

Learning how to read is a massive achievement for kids. Mark this special occasion by gifting them a special kids’ Bible that they can read for themselves for the first time. Many Christians keep their first Bible for life, as it is a sweet token gesture that represents one of their earliest achievements and the starting of their faith.

Kindergarten Graduation

While kids will save most of their joy for the school grounds, making an effort to recognize their graduation into elementary school will be appreciated by kids and parents alike. You could start by giving them a small token award or even a paper certificate. Remind them that God is with them every step of their journey, and He is smiling down on their successes.

First Time Serving

Little kid helping water the plants

All adult Christians who are able should serve their community in some way. Nowadays, kids are beginning to dip their toes into the pool of giving at a much younger age. The moment they volunteer for the first time is a significant milestone that marks their maturity, empathy, and gratitude. Share news of their volunteer project widely to increase donations and support.

Kids Graduate School

Kids graduating highschool

Graduating from school is a momentous occasion in any person’s life. As they are finally granted the freedom and tools to make decisions and guide their own lives, encourage them to lean in with their faith a little more. A kid's graduation signifies the moment they start to navigate the waters of adulthood, so give them a little reminder that they are not alone. Wherever they walk, they have their church, community, and most importantly, Christ by their side.

Making a special effort to celebrate your ministry kids is a must however you choose to do it. When we remember God’s goodness in our lives, He rejoices. Scripture shows us the value of memorials and rituals, particularly the value of sharing them with our children. Pass down special celebrations and moments of joy with your kids to keep their relationship with Jesus strong and their faith flourishing.

Involve the families and parents of your youngsters when celebrations are due to strengthen the bond between family and church. Parents love to know that their kids are in a welcoming, loving, and supportive environment, so make it clear that you are there with them to celebrate their every success.

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