How to Prepare for the Return of Church Conference Season

Are you ready for the return of church conference season? It is fast approaching, and properly preparing will help you get the most out of it. Conferences are a brilliant way to expand your knowledge, network with like-minded people, and strengthen your relationship with God.

Grant Glas
March 9, 2022
Kids Ministry Leadership

The most important things to remember are: plan ahead, be prepared, and have fun. As one of the best times of year for the Christian community, conference season offers many incredible opportunities. 

These are our top tips to ensuring you thrive through this year's conferences!


Setting a schedule on your phone

Time is of the essence, and with countless different conferences available, you must organize your time efficiently. Note down the conferences that speak most to you on a calendar or planner to ensure you do not double book. 

When conferences are just a date far in the future, it is easy to forget specific dates, and nothing is worse than realizing you have a family barbecue on the same day you were meant to attend the church leader’s conference!


Woman packing clothes

As the time comes to pack for your trip away, make sure you have planned for every possible occurrence. Check the weather forecast and dress appropriately and be sure to pack an extra layer just in case it's cold inside the conference room.

Remember to bring snacks and any medication you might need and focus your attention on the speaker. Don’t forget to bring toiletries for longer trips, or plan to clear your home from distractions if you plan to be watching it online.


Woman praying

Be sure to regularly pray for the speakers in the lead-up to the conference. They have probably spent months thinking of and preparing their powerful speech, so sharing our love and support with the speakers is a necessary act of love.

Show your gratitude for the hard work of these conference speakers by including them in your prayers. Thank the Lord for the blessing that is this conference season too, and be grateful for the modern-day apostles that He has sent us.


Audience attentively listening

This point may sound obvious, but truly listening is different from physically being there. Showing up is easy while absorbing everything around you is more challenging. So, free yourself of all distractions and make sure you are in a clear state of mind.

Hear what the speakers say, and take note of how their words feel to you. Reconnecting internally with how their speeches relate to you and your journey is just as important as remembering the core of what has been said.


Lady writing down notes

We will absorb a massive amount of information during conference season, but how much will we retain? Equip yourself with a notebook and pen to write down the details that speak to you most of all so you can remember them far into the future.

As you never know when your spirit will be touched by the Lord during one of these conferences, having a notebook close at hand is essential. As they offer an incredible opportunity to connect with the Holy Spirit, keeping a journal and documenting your thoughts will help.


Asking questions at a conference

Some conferences will urge you to take a look inward and share your personal experiences. So, if there is an opportunity to share your thoughts or ask your questions, make sure you are prepared to participate.

This is a chance to engage in discussion with some of the most prolific figures in the Christian world, so take time to think through your points if you want to share. When offered, choose to share a profound question.


Sharing on social media

Engage in the community that is all around you by sharing the parts of the conference that most impacted you on your social media channels. Whether on your local church social media channels or your personal Twitter page, it is necessary to join in the conversation.

You could even include hashtags for conferences to cast your thoughts and feelings into a wider net. Plus, you can scroll through the posts shared with the same hashtags to see what resonates with you and connect with people beyond your physical limitations.


Passion led us here written on the street

The power of conference season ultimately depends on you. It can be an opportunity for a spiritual awakening or it can have little impact. What you do with the experiences and information gifted to you through this time will hugely affect how you receive the Lord.

We often feel elevated and joyous after attending a conference, but it is easy to fall back into the same patterns within a few months. Be dedicated to making the most out of these church gatherings by committing to making a change in your life.


Meeting new friends

Deepening our personal bonds with God is the purpose of the conference season. But, it is also a magnificent chance to meet fellow Christians, be inspired by other people, and create friendships that can last a lifetime. 

So, don’t be shy to share your hopes and dreams with strangers and feel Jesus speak through the words of other people. Developing a Christian social network can help you in dark times and motivate you when feeling lost, so make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

Conferences are an exciting time for all Christians, as it encourages growth and development. Open your heart and soul to the words and experiences these Christian leaders share. Strive to minister in such a way as to make a positive change in this world by absorbing all you can from the Christian conferences you choose to attend this year.

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