Orange Tour's Top 3 Takeaways

Our team drove 7,500 miles and witnessed some great teams in action. Here's what we learned on Orange Tour.

Grant Glas
November 19, 2019
Kids Ministry Leadership

1. The Orange Team is special.

What I was impressed with the most is how friendly and incredibly helpful the Orange team is. At every stop around the country, the Orange team worked tirelessly to provide a fantastic experience to everyone. They consistently brought energy and worked non-stop, making the day's learnings and sharings surpass all expectations. We got to know many of the Orange specialists and were blown away by their level of commitment to make all their customers successful.

Orange's OS team is amazing

2. We believe Orange is bringing a critical message to help you influence change with the next generation.

The sobering reality is the winds of change never stop shifting. Orange understands what is needed to help guide kids in today's rapidly shifting landscape. The challenge is that if we fail to adjust our sails, we will stop moving in the right direction. The church is no exception. Orange understands that it is vital to empower leaders with a modern toolset of communication to reach Generation Y & Z.

Orange is making a big impact

3. The church technology monster is real.

We talked with thousands of folks that work in churches from Boston to Austin and Orlando to Detroit. Our team drove 7,500 miles and went to church and witnessed some great teams in action. What became very clear is the church needs a technology revolution to help its ministries address the modern world. Churches today have a mash-up of DVDs, USB sticks, and old 2005 technology to share their Sunday curriculum. This mash-up of ancient tech is the church technology monster. The monster is killing your volunteers and staff every week. Zapping precious energy and creating a stressful learning experience where everyone is scared about 'everything working right' on Sundays.

You might laugh, but, the church technology monster is real

We believe technology should transform a classroom and empower your teachers. Playlister is the first and only instant curriculum solution. With Playlister, our customer hero slays the church technology monster. A revolution is coming, and we can't wait to see you be the hero with Orange Curriculum and Playlister.

Have you purchased your Orange Conference Tickets yet? Every generation needs a revolution. Join Orange this Spring at the conference and meet the Playlister team in person.

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