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At Playlister our customers are at the heart of all we do. We’ve been paying close attention to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and we are aware that churches are seeking more ways to connect with families at home on the weekends.

Grant Glas
March 16, 2020
Church Software

We understand that families at home need to access your story of hope on any device, so we are putting in extra hours to develop a web-based version you can share with families at home. Here is how the web version of our Share Pages work:

First we partnered with Orange to give you the ability to instantly import your curriculum into Playlister. Now we've partnered with Orange to improve your ability to rapidly reach folks at home. Imagine if your Orange playlists built themselves. Now they do. Link your Orange account to Playlister, and playlists built by Orange will instantly appear under "Linked Playlists." Just make any of your usual adjustments and then schedule when the playlist appears (or create a share link to send to your families).

Using Share Links and Linked Playlist an Orange customer can get curriculum to families at home in less than 30 seconds.

While it is easier than ever to live stream, we are aware that there are less solutions available for getting your Kids Ministry curriculum into your families’ homes. We believe that Kids Ministry is the foundation for a church, so it should not be compromised but reinforced during challenging times. Because of this we are releasing Playlister Go, our iPad app, ahead of schedule. Playlister Go gives anyone with an iPad from your church the ability to interact with playlists in a way similar to how your classroom leaders present.

Your families can view slides and watch videos on their iPad while they stream your service on their computer. This creates a remote experience that doesn’t lose any key content of your Family Ministry. Playlister Go has been activated for free in every Playlister account, for the time being. You can click here for a tutorial on how to get Playlister Go set up. Please email if you have any questions or if you would like to have a more in-depth walkthrough.

We are making all these features available for free for the time being to help in this crisis. Just sign up for a Playlister account and you can begin sharing with your families at home in a matter of minutes. If you have questions please email us at We have support staff on standby this week, including on Sundays.

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