Should Your Church or Ministry Have an Email Newsletter?

Keeping the sense of community alive in your congregation is vital for a lively and dynamic atmosphere. There are countless different ways to do this, from creating an app to hosting regular events. But, something sets the email newsletter apart from other methods: email is consistent, accessible, and reliable.

Grant Glas
March 7, 2022
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Whether you're sharing information about new events and fundraisers or exciting news about church members, you can share valuable information through your church newsletter. Rather than websites or apps which can be hard to use for some people, an email newsletter is much more self-explanatory — just open your inbox!

Some churches still use the old-school, newspaper-style newsletter, but as environmental awareness is growing, making the switch to digital is essential. Save money and paper by sending out your weekly newsletter in a physical form, when most people can easily read online.

Still not sold? Read on to learn more about the benefits of an email newsletter.

A Reliable Place for Church Information

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First and foremost, newsletters are informative. Keeping people connected and in the loop encourages an increasingly active church community. If the members of your congregation feel distanced from the church leaders, workers, and volunteers, they won’t go that extra mile to help when needed.

Instead, if your people are regularly informed about upcoming projects, they will be far more inclined to get involved. Similarly, having a central church message is important and sharing this regularly through your newsletter is a powerful practice when keeping your members on the same page. 

It Offers Accessibility for All

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Today most of us have a smartphone and are fluent in operating apps, but not everyone can say the same. If you take too much of your church community into the realm of applications, you risk alienating some of your older members. So don’t leave any of your valued church family behind and include other more accessible methods.

Having a church center app is a wonderful way to keep your community feeling fresh and modern. But why not use it as a tool to supplement other methods of communication? That way, some can opt out of the email newsletter, preferring to follow your church on Twitter or be informed through the app, and others can rely on the more traditional methods.

Record Details and Dates 

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When you receive an email, it stays recorded in your online folder, ready to be accessed at any time. So this means that your congregants can effortlessly find information at the touch of a button simply by typing your church’s name in the search bar. Unlike physical newsletters that get lost and thrown away, emails typically remain in the inbox for days and weeks.

You can make this process even easier by using clear titles for your emails. If someone is wondering about the next upcoming event, they only have to search for a keyword to find the information. With an app or website, searching for this information can be challenging, though we would recommend adding a search bar to your church website design too.

Immediate Action and Analytics

Mailchimp gives you insights and analytics

People can take immediate action upon receiving an email. Whether it's signing up for a volunteer position or creative class, people can effortlessly register their interest in anything. Unlike a notice on a bulletin board or a physical newsletter that requires the person to remember and then take action next time they are in the church, emails encourage more participation.

Plus, following email analytics can help you realize what is popular in your church and what people find most interesting. This way you can hone in on what's important to the people of your community by keeping track of the types of feedback you get. Newsletters are for your church members, so make sure you fill them with the desired information. 

Church Newsletter Ideas

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Unsure how to boost the effectiveness of your newsletters? Try some of these church newsletter templates to make your weekly notices as aesthetically pleasing as possible! People are incredibly lazy when it comes to reading long chunks of text online, so break it up as much as possible with headings, colors, and images.

The best church newsletter designs will follow a similar format each week, with various sections dedicated to different types of information. With many email newsletter examples available for free online at no cost, you could take your online presence to the next level today!  

Con: Lack of Engagement

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There are countless pros of having a regular email newsletter, but there are some potential issues to be aware of. With more rapid and concise channels of communication constantly appearing, email is accessed less and less. Just think about it – when was the last time you opened all of your emails? 

To maximize engagement with your church events and news, we recommend utilizing several different forms at once. Nowadays, social media is the preferred news source for many people, so developing a social media presence through a Twitter, Instagram, or even TikTok account is a great way to remain relevant in the eyes of the younger generations.

Emails are dropping as the most popular communication method as the world moves forward, but having a regular, reliable channel to share your church’s news is vital. Keeping the email alive is key, but supplementing it with other forms of communication like Twitter or even an app is the best way to cover all the bases.

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