The 10 Best Bible Stories for Children’s Church Curriculum

The Bible is full of stories — primarily because stories communicate a clear message to people regardless of their time in history, geographic location, or age. Jesus taught in parables during His ministry on Earth because He knew these narratives would connect with His audience at the time, and still be relevant to us today.

Grant Glas
January 13, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Stories are still one of the best ways to teach God’s Word to kids of any age. Crafting biblical lessons as a story helps kids to better remember and understand the core message. To help your kids ministry tell better stories, here are a few of the best biblical stories to begin with.

1. The Creation Story

Creation story, water and earth

Genesis 1-2

The first two books of the Bible tell how God created the heavens and the earth in seven days. The story of creation helps children understand that God is all-powerful and everything they see was built by Him—and that includes them. Our world’s creation in Genesis is the perfect introduction to the biblical story.

2. Jesus’ Birth

Baby Jesus

Matthew 1 & Luke 2

Introducing kids to the story of Jesus is one of the most important lessons your ministry can teach. The narrative of Christ’s birth is especially helpful for kids because each one of them started out as infants, too. Not to mention, this story is best told during the Christmas season, when more kids are attending church with their parents.

3. David & Goliath

David challenging Goliath

1 Samuel 17

The underdog story of David defeating the Philistine giant in single combat is among the most well-known and influential biblical stories. This story is helpful for kids to hear because it demonstrates that they can accomplish big things when they trust in God. We might feel outmatched like David did while staring down Goliath, but great things are possible with our heavenly Father’s help.

4. Noah’s Ark

Animals entering Noah's ark

Genesis 6-9

Like David and Goliath, the biblical tale of Noah’s big boat is widely known. Most kids will remember how Noah diligently collected two of every animal in the world. But the real lesson here is Noah’s trust in God even when other people doubted. Noah’s dedication to believing God’s message despite all odds was enough to save him and his family from the flood.

5. Jesus’ Resurrection


Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 & John 20

Perhaps even more important than Jesus’ birth is His death and resurrection. The story of the crucifixion might be difficult for some younger kids to understand, but Christ coming back from the dead is a great comfort to us all. Not only does this demonstrate God’s power, but also Christ’s great love for us that He would return to save us from our sins.

6. The Good Samaritan

Helping someone who fell

Luke 10

Jesus taught His disciples using stories, and the tale of the Good Samaritan is among one of His most famous lessons. Even thousands of years later, this narrative shows the importance of compassion in the face of cultural pressure and division. Young kids can learn to treat others with kindness because that’s what Jesus would have each of us do.

7. The 10 Commandments

The 10 Commandments

Exodus 20:1-17

There are plenty of rules for children, but it’s vital for them to understand that some of these regulations come straight from God. More importantly, God didn’t give us these guidelines to demonstrate His power over us, but instead to protect us. Kids can learn to follow the Ten Commandments out of obedience and reverence for God.

8. Jonah and the Big Fish

A large fish

Jonah 1-3

As with the story of Noah, most kids might remember Jonah’s journey because it involves a boat and a big fish. But the true lesson Jonah teaches us is about listening to God and following His directions. We cannot outrun God’s plan for our lives and storms usually happen when we try to. Jonah’s story shows kids to obey God even when we’d rather not, and that God always welcomes us back when we’ve strayed from Him.

9. Zacchaeus

Zaccaeus on a tree

Luke 19

Kids can relate to Zacchaeus — and not just because he was a wee little man. Zacchaeus was an outsider, someone unliked by his society. He’d been unkind to others and paid the price. But Jesus didn’t focus on that. Jesus singled out Zacchaeus and wanted to have a relationship with him. Many kids might feel isolated or lost in the same way. But the story of zacchaeus demonstrates that Jesus wants to be their friend and savior regardless.

10. Feeding of the Five Thousand

Feeding loaves of bread

Matthew 14, Mark 8, Luke 9 & John 6

Math isn’t a favorite class for many kids, but God is more powerful than simple calculations. When Jesus fed the large crowd with nothing more than a few fish and loaves, He demonstrated that He can do much with a little. More importantly, He can use the gifts of a small child to impact a group of adults. This story shows kids that they can bring their gifts to God and He can use them for great things.

Reading bible stories

What Bible Stories Will You Tell?

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sharing the Bible with kids. There are dozens more great examples and lessons to be learned.

Which stories are you most excited to share in your ministry this Sunday?

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