The 20 Best Church Podcasts for Church Leaders in 2023

Stay updated with the latest insights on church leadership by tuning into the best church podcasts of 2023, covering a broad spectrum from church news to ministry leadership.

Jesse Wisnewski
October 30, 2023
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Become a Better Church Leader with Podcasts

Comparable to the lasting impression a well-executed church service can leave on its congregation, a top-tier church podcast can serve as an instrumental asset in nurturing and amplifying church leadership. Whether you're a seasoned church leader or taking your first steps in ministry leadership, church podcasts deliver indispensable insights, advice, and strategies to augment your capabilities.

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Keep reading for the top 20 podcasts for church leaders in 2023, and get listening today!

Why We Love Church Podcasts

Church leadership is a constantly evolving role with fresh perspectives, strategies, and challenges arising daily. As leaders seeking to shepherd their congregation and promote spiritual growth, it's essential to stay updated with the latest insights. A great way to do this? Tuning into the best church podcasts. As you organize your worship service or craft your sermons, a good church leadership podcast can provide inspiration and ideas.

Whether you're on your morning jog, sipping your favorite brew, or catching up on chores, these podcasts are versatile learning tools. The following podcasts cover a broad spectrum of topics from church news to ministry leadership, all designed to help you lead your congregation effectively.

1. The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

Topping our list is The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. Esteemed for his insightful dialogues with distinguished individuals in the church community, Carey Nieuwhof's podcasts bestow a treasure trove of knowledge on church leadership, managing challenging congregants, and overseeing church staff. For a church leadership podcast that blends engaging discourse with practical guidance, this one is a must-listen.

2. Worship Ministry Training Podcast

The Worship Ministry Training podcast extends beyond the sphere of music, delving into all creative aspects within the church. Its content caters to creative leaders seeking to broaden their technical skills, spiritual growth, team culture, and routines within their worship ministry.

3. Rainer on Leadership

Thom Rainer, a respected author and researcher in the church leadership field, presents Rainer on Leadership. His church news podcast brings you up-to-date on the latest trends in church culture and practical tips for leading a congregation.

4. Christian Woman Leadership Podcast

Hosted by Esther Littlefield and Holly Cain, the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast is an exceptional resource for women in church leadership. While it primarily focuses on female Christian leaders, the wisdom disseminated in this podcast is universally applicable.

5. Catalyst Podcast

If your passion lies in the church and you're keen to evolve as a leader, the Catalyst Podcast could be your ideal match. This podcast assembles the most potent sessions from Catalyst leadership conferences, equipping leaders with practical wisdom to effectively lead within the church.

6. The Unstuck Church Podcast with Tony Morgan

For those navigating familiar challenges in their church and in search of pragmatic solutions, The Unstuck Church Podcast should be within your sights. Tony Morgan, the captain of The Unstuck Group, delves into topics like church growth, staffing, and strategy to help bolster your leadership.

7. Vanderbloemen Leadership Podcast

William Vanderbloemen’s leadership podcast is another notable choice. Bridging ministry experience with marketplace best practices, the podcast offers a blend of insights on church staffing, leadership, and methods to construct and develop effective teams.

8. unSeminary Leadership Podcast

UnSeminary is your port of call for practical tips. This podcast features interviews with leaders from within and outside the church, addressing real-life challenges in ministry leadership that may not be addressed in traditional seminary education.

9. ChurchLeadership Podcast

Offering a diverse array of topics from church planting to discipleship, the ChurchLeadership Podcast helmed by Andy Frazier and Mark Gainey is applicable to churches of all sizes. It imparts insights and strategies beneficial to both established and expanding churches.

10. The Emotionally Healthy Leadership Podcast

Emotional health is as vital as physical well-being, and The Emotionally Healthy Leadership Podcast acknowledges this fact. Introduced by Pastor Pete Scazzero, it provides resources on becoming self-aware, emotionally healthy, and leading robust teams and churches.

11. Church Leadership Simplified Podcast

This podcast takes a fresh and practical approach to church leadership. It focuses on simplifying the challenges of leadership and offering clear, straightforward advice for leaders at all stages of their journey.

12. Leading Simple with Rusty George

In this podcast, Rusty George shares invaluable leadership advice in a straightforward and accessible way. He offers practical tips and tools for leading in the church and beyond, all presented in easy-to-understand language.

13. The Lead Pastor

This podcast is ideal for anyone leading a church, particularly senior pastors. It provides realistic and practical tips on a range of issues, from handling stress and conflict to fostering a healthy church culture.

14. Church Growth Movement

The Church Growth Movement podcast features actionable strategies for church growth and health. It offers insights from leading voices in the church growth movement, making it a valuable resource for leaders aiming for their church to thrive.

15. The Global Leadership Summit Podcast

This podcast provides fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content from a world-class faculty at a convenient time for you. It features top leaders from various sectors, including the church, sharing valuable leadership lessons.

16. Church Leader Insights

Church Leader Insights is a podcast that provides the latest insights, strategies, and practical teachings to help pastors and leaders in their ministry. It's a great resource for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of church leadership.

17. Ministry Leader Insights

This podcast offers rich insights for ministry leaders. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of leadership within a ministry context, making it a comprehensive resource for those leading ministries or in leadership roles within them.

18. Church Revitalization Podcast

Aimed at church leaders who are trying to revitalize or restart their church, this podcast offers tips, advice, and encouragement. Each episode covers different topics, like building momentum, creating a culture of generosity, and effective church communication.

19. The Pro Church Tools Show

Pro Church Tools is a weekly podcast that explores the intersection of church and technology. It offers practical tools and strategies for using technology effectively within your church, making it an ideal listen for leaders who want to stay ahead of the curve.

20. Pastors' Talk

Pastors' Talk is a weekly conversation between Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever about practical aspects of the Christian life and ministry. The content covers a wide array of subjects that are relevant for pastors and church leaders.

Why Church Leaders Should Seek Self-Improvement

Church leadership entails a myriad of responsibilities and challenges, from fostering spiritual growth and promoting community outreach to managing church operations and leading a team. It is a dynamic role that constantly demands adaptation and growth. As a church leader, your influence extends far beyond the confines of the church; you play a pivotal role in shaping the spiritual journey of your congregation. This underscores the necessity for self-improvement and continuous learning.

But why is self-improvement critical for church leaders? The answer is simple. To guide others effectively, you must first lead yourself. To help others grow, you must first commit to your growth. The process of self-improvement sharpens your skills, refines your understanding, and fuels your spiritual growth. It empowers you to lead with wisdom, empathy, and vision, inspiring your congregation to reach greater heights.

One potent tool for self-improvement in the digital era is the "podcast". Podcasts have emerged as a versatile platform for delivering valuable content, and they can offer a wealth of resources for church leaders. Whether you're seeking the latest church news, exploring ministry leadership strategies, or yearning for deep, theological discussions, there's likely a podcast out there that caters to your needs.

Podcasts like "The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast," "Worship Ministry Training Podcast," or the "Church Leadership Simplified Podcast" provide an amalgamation of wisdom, insights, and practical strategies, empowering church leaders to handle the challenges of their role effectively. They explore various facets of church leadership, from managing conflict to implementing church growth strategies.

Be a Leader and a Learner

Listening to a church leadership podcast can open doors to fresh perspectives and ideas. It can provide actionable tips that you can apply in your leadership journey. For example, Christian leadership podcasts often include interviews with experienced leaders, where they share their personal experiences, challenges, and their strategies for overcoming those challenges. These real-life insights can offer valuable lessons and inspiration.

The best part about podcasts? They can be consumed anytime, anywhere. Whether you're driving to church, preparing for a sermon, or even doing chores, you can tune into a podcast and transform that time into a learning opportunity.

In a world that's constantly evolving, church leaders must remain learners first and foremost, continually seeking to grow, improve, and adapt. The good news is, with resources like podcasts, self-improvement becomes an engaging and accessible pursuit. So, make a commitment to prioritize your growth and learning, whether through podcasts or church tech conferences

Embrace Flexible Self-Improvement One Podcast at a Time

Podcasts are an adaptable learning tool; you can tune in while commuting, working out, or even completing household chores. Don't feel overwhelmed by the vast selection of podcasts available—explore a few at a time at your own pace, and find the ones that resonate with your leadership journey.

We hope this guide serves as a valuable resource for church leaders seeking to enrich their knowledge and skills. Growing as a leader is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the process, and continue to tune in to these fantastic church podcasts to unlock your full potential as a church leader in 2023.

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