The Top 10 Kids Ministry Curriculum Resources You Need to Know About

Selecting the right resources for your kids ministry is vital to boosting your kids’ engagement and interest in learning about God and the Bible. With a plethora of resources out there, finding the right places to look can be challenging, which is why we have gathered a list of the top 10 kids ministry curriculum resources that you need to know about. Read on to find out what your kids ministry has been missing!

Chris Holland
April 11, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

1. Life Church Open Network

Open Network logo

Offering an incredible range of resources for free, the Life Church Open Network is a great option if your ministry is looking for a free Sunday school curriculum. With free kids ministry curriculum tools, like training for workers and volunteers, and handy apps for your church leaders, there is something for everyone at the Open Network. Instantly download games, videos, and activity sheets, and experience your Sunday school made simple!

2. Orange

Orange logo

On top of the excellent Orange curriculum that’s available, Orange also provides free resources to help with volunteers and planning, and encourages easy worship. With a year-long plan, and a three-year-long plan available, you will have an insight into topics are coming up, and you’ll have more control over the direction of your kids' church lessons. Good organization is crucial to making your classes effective in a greater impact on the children that attend.

3. Ministry to Children

Ministry to Children

With an impressive selection of 4,247 free ministry ideas to choose from, Ministry to Children will help you to keep your Sunday school feeling lively and invigorating, without a hefty price tag. Also, they offer well-priced, fun resources like Bible Bingo, a Bible animal game, playing with dice, and colorful flashcards of the Old and New Testament. Create a versatile and engaging environment that incorporates play with learning, so your students grow to love Sunday school.

4. Dwell

Dwell logo

From preschool to eighth grade, Dwell offers interactive children’s ministry curriculum packages for the entirety of your kids’ childhood. Download 12 sessions for free so you can see if it's a good fit for your ministry. Or, sign up for Dwell Flex for full access to their range of adaptable lesson plans, whether in the church, through video, or at home. It includes leader guides with tips and step-by-step activities that encourage reflection—excellent kids ministry curriculum resources to have on hand.

5. The Bible App for Kids

Bible App for Kids logo

This app for preschoolers is entirely free for churches and reinforces lessons and memory verses through parent engagement at home. Equipping parents with this app will improve the memory and interest of the young children at your church that learn best through repetition. Their 23- module plan spans across two years, so the kids will have an entire month to understand each selected bible story.

6. Children’s Ministry Deals

Children's Ministry Deals logo

Focusing on providing modern and relevant resources for your kids' ministry curriculum, Children’s Ministry Deals has more than 150 church lessons available for free! Some games, coloring, and printable resources are also offered for free, and there are seasonal offerings available to keep your activities rooted in what’s happening at that time. The kids ministry curriculum bundles that they have are available in print or online, so you can choose which form best fits your church’s style of teaching.

7. Grow

Grow packages for kids, students, and adults

Catering, no matter their age, Grow offers resources for kids, students, and adults. What is offered by Grow doesn’t stop at the curriculum, though, as they also include planning tools, top tips, and services for parents and volunteers. You can download their handy attendance tracker, or use their app customization feature to expand your reach. At the heart of everything they do, the goal of this organization is growth.

8. Ministry Ark

Ministry Ark Website

Ministry Ark’s selection of free teaching series are a great way to switch up the content of your Sunday school regularly. With options ranging in length from four to twelve weeks, you can keep the learning process fresh and exciting for your church’s young minds. From games and crafts to Bible drama scripts and movie discussion ideas, Ministry Ark encourages a deeper dive into kids ministry, with different learning styles.

9. Kids Sunday School Place

Kids Sunday School Place

Opting for a more hands-on approach, Kids Sunday School Place offers songs, puzzles, crafts, and interactive skits that can be used with puppets or acted out. While some of these kids ministry curriculum resources are available for free, others require a membership. But, from just $39 for an annual, individual membership, access to the entire site is easily within reach! Check out their page for top teaching tips, to help maximize the impact of your classes.

10. Hillsong Kids

Big+ Subscription

A subscription to the BiG+ App will provide you with training videos for you and your team, a curated music library, and lessons that are updated weekly for kids aged one to twelve. You can simultaneously stream to three different devices, and print off leader guides, activity sheets, banners, signage, flyers, and more. The Hillsong Kids app will go a very long way for you and your church.

Kids Ministry Curriculum Resources Conclusion

Depending on the priorities and style of your kids' ministry, selecting the content of your classes will depend on a lot of things. With a vast amount of free resources out there, we have more at our fingertips than ever before, so make sure you don't miss out! Take a look at our guide of the Top Children’s Ministry Deals for 2021 to find even more incredible offers, and transform the energy of your kids' ministry.

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