Top 3 Trends for Viewership at Home

Here are the top 3 trends and top 3 tips for sending your playlists to families at home.

Grant Glas
July 9, 2020
Kids Ministry Leadership

In the last ten weeks, over three thousand churches signed up to use Playlister. With our swell in popularity, we now distribute content to families in all corners of the globe. Playlister once connected all classrooms in a church, now we connect all families in the church, no matter where they are or what device they have. Everyday is Sunday, at home with Playlister.

With over 100,000 families at home our team has analyized the data and discovered some useful tips based off the the trends we are seeing.

Trend 1: It’s almost 50/50 split 💻📱

47% of the families at home are watching on their computers.  

46% are watching on their phones, with 7% watch on tablets.

Trend 2: Mondays and Fridays are gaining popularity for when families are watching. 📆

The “every day is Sunday” movement is taking hold.

Trend 3: More engaged families watch after breakfast between 11 am - 12 pm. ⏰

Timing is everything! Emerging trend: Families are starting to watch in the evening after 6 pm

Top three tips based on the trends above:

Tip 1: Start posting your video experiences on Friday night. Give families time in the evening (Friday night pizza viewing!) or Saturday after breakfast to watch. This will also allow you to talk about your plans for the church building on Sunday. 

Try telling families to plan Friday night around your viewing

Tip 2: Understand more engaged families are watching after breakfast. Knowing when to send emails, post to Facebook, and send text messages to families is a key to success. Try to mention that your families should watch after breakfast. Remember the right message at the right time is half the battle.

After breakfast is the perfect time to watch your video experience

Tip 3: Viewership doubles after 8 weeks. Stick with it! Create a schedule and send out the videos. Consistency is key. We’ve found that churches sticking with a plan and strategy on average double their viewership over a two month period! This is your chance to reach more families. Since the content is so sharable you can encourage your families to share the links with their neighbors. Everyone needs help and a positive message right now. Be that ray of hope.

Consistency is key to your success. Engagement doubles on average after a two month period.

Are you interested in learning more about your data and analytics. Reach out to our team here with questions.

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