Top 5 Digital Signage Uses for Your Church

Endlessly adaptable and with easy personalization methods, presenting your church through an exciting outdoor sign can be a fun project.

Grant Glas
August 27, 2021
Church Software

Utilize your screens outside of Sunday sermon times by introducing digital church signs. While some may see them as an over-the-top display of digitization, exciting church welcome signs can positively impact attracting the attention of new congregants. If you wonder why it is necessary to digitize signage, and prefer the more traditional bulletin board, read on to learn more about the top 5 digital signage uses for your church.

As more and more churches see the benefits of more advanced technology methods, why not extend this to your signage systems too? The reasons for turning to digital signage are many, and it is a lot more simple than you may have previously thought! 

Digital Sermon Boards

Imagination is the limit with digital signage, as you can accentuate prayer experiences using audio and visual aids, crafting a powerful and immersive setting for worship. Choose features and videos to match the energy of your service, and add more depth to your weekly meetings. This will accentuate feelings of togetherness – not only between your flock members but also with God. 

Accentuate feelings of togetherness.

Dare to add dimensions to your flock's experiences of worship. While selecting a sermon, consider the themes to add a relevant and atmospheric video or image and display it alongside the sermon reading. Not only capturing the attention and imagination of your attendees, but such creativity is also found to improve memory retention – so it even helps with bible study!

Outdoor Church Signs

Moreover, it will keep your church feeling fresh with bold and inspiring signs that will draw more young people into your community. Rather than having a single quote or passage up on your bulletin board for weeks, you can update your outdoor church signs daily, sharing quotes, thanks, and the word of God.

Let your creativity flow by designing an eye-catching church welcome sign to draw members into your church. Maximize new attendees by clearly displaying the date and time of your next service so that your church will make an impression on everyone who passes it, so they will want to visit your church.

Save Money While Facilitating Donations

Not only will they save you money on printing bulletins, prayer sheets, and hymns, you'll be giving the environment a helping hand too! Rather than endlessly photocopying one-time-use papers of reference, display what you need onto your church's TV for everyone to see. Keep everyone in the loop with a digital sign, even when they've forgotten their hymn book!

You can even display a QR code to help your congregation give easily – scan the code and donate in seconds! This will see the weekly collection hit an instant rise, as you will need a phone to support your church. Or, why not share thanks for your current donors, and encourage others to follow suit? Share a list of people who have donated to show your appreciation publicly.

Noticeboard Display

Transform your screen into a noticeboard, and share important news from within your community. An event will never be missed again with this handy piece of tech that doubles as a calendar and can be updated whenever you need to! Cultivate connection between your church members by sharing their successes on the big screen so that everyone can be a part of the celebrations.

Cultivate connection between your church members by sharing their successes on the big screen.

Introducing social media to your church is a guaranteed way to get people interacting with and talking about your services. Why not display your church's Twitter handle on your noticeboard or encourage people to share photos and quotes with a specific hashtag? This can provide for an entertaining activity, sharing everyone's pictures of the church activities that have been collected online with.

Directory and Wayfinding

Another practical use of these versatile signage methods is helping people to find their way around your church grounds. Especially useful for more extensive church networks, a directory accompanied with a map will save visitors much time. User-friendly additions like this will make expansive church sites seem less daunting to newcomers, making them feel more welcomed while encouraging more people to join.

When hosting events at one of your church sites, use a digital sign to show people how with clear displays featuring arrows and encouraging messages. If you have a special event on, let attendees know precisely where it is with a bold and appealing sign that will incite excitement and wonder. Clear and organized church events will run more smoothly, and digital church signs will help ensure that people are where they need to be. Digital signage can also be a way to circulate Kids Ministry curriculum like Orange Curriculum to your rooms.

Eye-catching, engaging and effective – digital church signage is one of the best investments you can make when advertising your church to the community. Attracting young people with modern and high-tech digital designs, these signs will help to breathe a breath of fresh air into your congregation. 

Endlessly adaptable and with easy personalization methods, presenting your church through an exciting outdoor sign can be a fun project. From displaying events in a calendar format to honoring essential people with their photos stories, your digital board can become absolutely anything. Forge more profound connections with your church's identity and its people by urging deeper thinking about what it means to be a member.

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