Using Playlister as an Orange partner

Do you use Orange curriculum at your church? If yes, then this is a must-read.

Chris Holland
January 18, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

Why do Orange partners love Playlister?

Because there’s never been an easier way to prepare and send curriculum to your classrooms than Playlister.

Does the following scene sound familiar?

- You sit through a time-consuming curriculum download.

- Then you take USB sticks of curriculum to your TVs

- Your volunteers struggle using things like ProPresenter or other ways to play the curriculum.

- You repeat this cycle every week.

If so, then Playlister is going to change your life when using Orange Curriculum.

How it works

There are three simple steps to using Playlister in your classrooms:

Step 1- Link your Orange account.

Link your Orange account, and all your curriculum will appear in Playlister. Goodbye downloads.

Step 2- Build and schedule your playlist.

Next, just build a playlist and then schedule when you want it to show up on your TVs. Never run USB sticks to a TV again.

Step 3- Point and click to present

Playlister runs on an Apple TV. Your volunteers will just point and click with the Apple TV remote to present your curriculum. Even better, all the curriculum is synced to the Apple TV so you can present even if there is no WiFi.

As you could imagine, this completely changes the game for using Orange at your church. Here’s what Kids Ministry leaders like you have to say about Playlister.

Free for 30 days with a coupon code

You can get Playlister Lite for free for your first 30 days by getting a coupon code from Orange and just asking your Orange specialist about a coupon code for Playlister. The Orange coupon code will give you a free Playlister Lite screen for any screens that it is redeemed on. This will enable you to use Playlister entirely for free on one of your Apple TVs for 30 days.

Coupon code: TRYFREE

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