Introducing Playlister V1.0

The all new version of Playlister is here!

Grant Glas
January 1, 2019
Church Software

What's new with Playlister V1.0

- All New User Interface
- Improved Screen Management Tool
- Updated Playlist Editor
- Updated Screen App

We're so excited to introduce these new features to you!

There's more nothing you have to do. We've taken care of the update for you!

Simply login using your demo or subscription credentials at to start using Playlister V1.0

Upcoming release Playlister V1.1

- TAGS! New grouping system for both media & screens
- New Screen Playlist View
- Updated Playlist Selection Screen
- New Help Menu with Diagnostics
- Coming February, 2019

Have any questions or simply interested in trying a demo? If so, just reach out to our Playlister sales department to learn more!

Email Playlister Sales
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