Why Kids Ministry is so Important to Your Church

Setting a strong foundation of worship in kids from a young age not only sets them on the right path but also encourages them to be more productive members of society and share their gifts with the world.

Chris Holland
October 13, 2021
Kids Ministry Leadership

Kids are our future, and investing in them is key to curating a bright world for future generations. Setting a strong foundation of worship in kids from a young age not only sets them on the right path but also encourages them to be more productive members of society and share their gifts with the world.

Not only that, a strong and supportive kids ministry welcomes everyone, regardless of their family situation or background. This helps all kids to have a safe space where they are taught good values and compassion, even if that is something that’s typically missing at home. God loves us all and would want us to bring children into this world properly – with love and guidance. 

So, let's take a closer look at some of these reasons that make kids ministry the invaluable pillar of community that it is!

Creating a Foundation of Faith

Habits formed in childhood have a profound and lasting impact on people’s lives. For many families that attend church, it is simply what they do – the time has always been carved out for God. Similarly, those who attend church know of scripture and vital fables from the Bible like second nature. Research has shown that young children are most receptive to the Gospel, so starting them from a young age gives them the best chance at knowing God.

Deeply rooted routines of prayer, grateful thought, and doing good are ingrained in those who attend church regularly. Due to the malleable nature of young children’s minds, it is much more effective to encourage positive patterns of prayer in kids, as the habits formed in childhood, and the bond created with God will last a lifetime. 

Children Matter to God

It is our responsibility to draw children towards God, as he loves each and every person created in His image. If children are not welcomed into a children’s ministry, they might stray from the proper path, and live a life empty of connection with God. He needs us to play an active role in sharing the Bible and Jesus with everyone, no matter their age. 

God’s command for parents to share faith with their children has been largely forgotten in Western culture, with many youngsters losing connection with Jesus entirely. As Psalms 127:1-5 says – children are a heritage from the Lord – and we must prioritize helping them learn, grow, and develop in the way that He intended. 

Investing in the Future

Children are the leaders of tomorrow, and so instilling values of kindness, generosity, compassion, and gratitude is crucial. Every single person has the capacity for good, and we can help to draw out the best in the youth of our communities. Providing a moral pillar of support can transform the way that the future world looks.

Children’s ministry curriculum teaches many things about the Bible, Jesus, and God, but it also teaches fundamental life lessons and guidance on how to navigate the tougher days of life. For that reason, kids' church lessons can have a profound impact on how a young person deals with stress and hard times, teaching them to find power and strength in the Lord. 

Bringing Everyone into the Community

By offering a safe space for kids to come and learn about the Bible and connect with God, we are doing a service for our community. Not everyone has the same opportunities or the same experiences at home, and every child deserves to meet God. So, it is important that all kids are brought together on the same level, as the children of God.

Let the children of your community come together to talk about the Bible with a great kids’ ministry curriculum, and they will have fun while learning about scripture and gospel. Every single child should have the chance to live a life of good, with strong community values and abundant love. We are built in His image, we all want to do good and prosper, as that is the nature of people.

Kids’ Ministry Curriculum

There are numerous ways to bring life and excitement into your kids' ministry, and choosing an exceptional ministry curriculum is the first step to doing that. Depending on the size of your Sunday school and your preferred style of teaching, you can find a curriculum to perfectly fit your needs. You can read more about the top children's church curriculum for 2021.

Whether your budget is big or small, there are options available to you to help you build a strong and effective kids ministry. You can read this blog for the top deals this year, which even includes free Sunday school curriculum options. We know that money can be tight, but that shouldn’t stop the kids of your community from meeting God in the right way.

Our favorite pick for kids' ministry curriculum has to be the Think Orange curriculum. With an incredible curriculum that offers specialized courses to kids of different ages, the Orange kids’ curriculum is like no other. Encouraging parents and families to play an active role in their child’s learning too, Orange knows that faith starts at home. 

As a central pillar of communities, churches are crucial in combining the word of God with good values and morals. Invest in the leaders of tomorrow, for a brighter future for all, by dedicating time and resources to your kids' ministry. We are all the children of God, but we can help to guide kids towards the right path.

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