15 Fun Easter Songs for Sunday School

Incorporating exciting songs into your Sunday school lessons is a wonderful way to keep kids engaged. Don’t let your kids' church lessons become boring or repetitive; let your students sing their hearts out with some catchy Sunday school Easter songs!

Grant Glas
February 1, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

Here’s a list of five Easter songs for Sunday school, so your kids will be singing the words of the gospel all day long!

1. Saved By Grace by Go Fish Guys

Saved by Grace cover photo

This catchy number will get your kids singing about how Jesus died for our sins. We have all been saved by grace, and that is exactly what this song is about. So, teach your kids this fun religious song to break up the work from your Sunday school class. Through faith we are saved—Jesus is the only way.

2. I Believed by Go Fish Guys

I Believe cover photo

Featuring an electric guitar and drums, this rock ’n roll style kids’ Easter worship song shares important Easter stories in a lively manner. The words, Jesus is risen and He lives forever, highlight the eternal nature of Christ. All we have to do is believe. As it is so upbeat and fun, you won’t be able to stop yourself or your students from singing along with this song.

3. Up from the Grave (He Arose) by Go Fish Guys

He Arose cover image

Our third song by the Go Fish Guys, the Christian group with No. 1 hits on the Christian charts, is about the resurrection. We owe everything to the miracle of Jesus being brought back from the dead. “Hallelujah Christ arose”—we have the Lord to thank for being saved. Up from the grave, he arose with a mighty triumph, so get your students singing about it with this upbeat tune.

4. Jesus Messiah by God’s Kids Worship

Jesus Messiah cover image

Digging into the details about how Jesus humbled Himself and died on the cross, this song will have your kids singing along in no time. We might become righteous through the selfless actions of our blessed redeemer, Jesus Christ. He is the rescue for sinners, the ransom from heaven, and the Lord of all. 

5. My God, My Savior by God’s Kids Worship

My God, My Savior cover image

Slow the tempo down with this great children's Easter song for kids church. It highlights the fact that God has a plan for us all, one that we cannot know ourselves. We must trust in His divine plan and live the life He has chosen for us by listening to Him through our prayers. This song helps kids to put their faith back in God and reaffirm how they are loved unconditionally. 

6. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross by God’s Kids Worship

When I survey the wondrous cross cover image

The cross is one of the most prominent Christian symbols, as the place where Jesus was tortured and crucified. It is transformed into an image of hope, faith, and trust in God, as it is the wondrous cross on which the Prince of glory died. Instead of inciting feelings of fear or sorrow, through His amazing sacrifice, we have found peace in the world and the cross.

7. Christ is Risen from the Dead by God’s Kids Worship

Christ is risen from the dead cover image

Taking a look into the crown of thorns that our Lord was forced to wear throughout His awful torture and mistreatment, this song highlights that He now owns the heavenly kingdom crown. In a glorious miracle, He rose from the dead, so get your kids dancing and singing along!

8. Lord I Lift Your Name on High by God’s Kids Worship

Lord I lift your name on high cover image

This gorgeous song is all about singing God’s praises. He came from heaven to earth to show us the way in the form of His Son Jesus Christ. From the cross to the grave, from the grave to the sky, this energetic number is ideal for sharing with your little learners.

9. Jesus Paid It All by God’s Kids Worship

Jesus paid it all cover image

Another song by God’s Kids Worship, this song highlights Jesus’ sacrifices. Jesus paid it all on the cross, which is why we owe Him everything. Sin had left a crimson stain on humanity, but through His selfless act of dying on the cross, He turned us as pure as snow.

10. Go (Matthew 28:19) by Seeds Family Worship

Go cover image

Based on the Scripture passage, Matthew 28:19, this religious Easter song for children uses hand movements for an extra fun song for kids. Encouraging children to spread the Word of Christ and find disciples from a young age, this song is perfect for Sunday school because it is lively, fun and interactive.

11. The Way (John 14:6) by Seeds Family Worship

This rap-style song is sure to be a hit among your students. It is a fun children’s Christian Easter song for everyone to sing along to, helping kids to memorize "The Way." As a powerful piece of Scripture that recounts, I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father, except through me, you’ll want your students memorizing this. 

12. Jesus is Alive by Yancy

Jesus is alive cover image

As a Bible song celebrating the resurrection of Christ, this song is a lively and energetic tune to play in your Sunday school, especially in the lead-up to Easter. He’s not in His grave, life has been given—it’s a happy day! Transport your class back to the cave from which Jesus arose, and let your students participate in the joy of the miracles.

13. Who You Say I Am by Yancy

Who you say i am cover image

Focusing on the power of Jesus’ unconditional, never-ending love, this song returns to the sacrifice He made on the cross. We are all children of God, and we all have a place in heaven. A powerful ballad reaffirming everyone’s place in this world, this song is a great one to sing in class. We are chosen, not forsaken, and we have Jesus to thank!

14. Jesus Loves Me by Crossroads Kids Club

Jesus loves me cover image

Upbeat and high-energy, this song will have you tapping your feet along with the beat. This is one of the best preschool Easter songs for church, as it is a simple yet happy tune. Complete with cute animations reminding kids that Jesus loves us all infinitely, your students are bound to love this song any day of the year—not just at Easter.

15. Twos: Easter Song by Crossroads Kids Club

Twos: Easter Song cover image

Made especially for younger children so they can sing along with ease, this simple resurrection song for kids recounts the story of Easter. Put a smile on their faces as you recount the miracle of Jesus rising from the dead to rid us of our sins with this charming song. Jesus is a lot, He is infinite, and we are so fortunate that He saved us.

Choose from these Christian Easter songs for kids, and you will have your whole Sunday school squad singing in no time! Songs are a proven way to help kids memorize important information and passages in Scripture, so switch up your ministry curriculum with some catchy kids’ Easter worship songs to help your students understand. Plus, they will have tons of fun in the meantime; so, using songs really is a no-brainer! 

Make Easter the exciting and special time it should be for the kids at your Sunday school.

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