25 Kids’ Worship Songs to Teach in Your Kids' Ministry

What better way to breathe life into your kids' ministry curriculum than with some fun and exciting children’s worship songs? Children love having the chance to sing and dance, so harness that energy into a practical learning experience with kids’ Christian songs that have a wholesome message.

Grant Glas
April 18, 2022
Kids Ministry Curriculum

We love switching up the energy at Sunday school to keep it feeling lively and exciting, and believe us when we say the kids love it too. At the end of this article, we will list our top 25 songs to bring to your kids' ministry, but first – let’s take a look at the importance of children’s praise songs.

Why Choose Music?

Girl singing in church and praying in her heart

Music helps children to remember.

Music helps with memory retention, every song you sing along to in Sunday school class will be secured deeply in the hearts and memories of your little learners who sing it. Some Christian songs even include important snippets from scripture, so singing along with your students will set them up for a life of faith and worship.

Singing releases endorphins.

Not only can verse and song act as a memory acquisition tool, but it also brings joy and happiness to those who sing them. Singing releases endorphins into the body, bringing about a positive feeling in kids as well as adults. Take the pressure off your kids by standing together to sing at the start of a class.

Collective singing strengthens bonds.

Community of christians singing at church

When done in a group, singing boosts collective feelings of belonging and strengthens community bonds. So your Sunday school students will feel more like part of a group than ever before when they sing all together. Christian choirs are incredibly popular for a similar reason – members of the church get that warm, fuzzy feeling after singing a powerful song together.

Music engages students who learn differently.

When combined with dance moves and jives, children who are kinetic learners are more engaged. As everyone interacts with information differently, environments for young kids must offer a level playing field. Some may flourish with reading and writing, whereas others come into their own when given space for creativity.

Music and song are ancient forms of prayer.

There is an element of musical expression that offers a chance for connection with God. There is a reason why singing has historically been such a vital part of Christianity – singing worship songs is pretty much praying with enthusiasm. Although our quiet moments alone with God are important, so is shouting our love for Him from the rooftops and rejoicing! 

Ready to Start Singing?

Girl singing in a group with her eyes closed

Choose catchy and modern twists on classic hymns, or opt for entirely new Christian pop hits, but get your students excited to sing them. Nowadays, there are so many kids’ worship songs out there, all for free, so what’s stopping you? Boost your lessons with some Christian children’s songs, and watch the kids of your ministry love it!

Not just the kids will be over the moon with these children’s worship songs. Before you know it, you will be tapping your feet along with the beat too. There are countless children’s Christian songs out there, so incorporate them into your weekly schedule as a treat for good behavior, or even save this as a playlist for your next party.

These are our top 25 children’s church songs for easy worship:

  1. We Lift You Higher by Chapel Hill Kids
  2. The B-I-B-L-E, That's The Book For Me! By Listener Kids
  3. Deep Cries Out by Bethel Music Kids
  4. Superhero by Hillsong Kids
  5. I’m A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord by Go Fish Kids Music
  6. I Love You, Lord, by Yancy
  7. How Great Is Our God by Yancy
  8. Praise the Lord Everyday by Yancy
  9. The Word of God from Seeds Family Worship
  10. Sing for Joy from Seeds Family Worship
  11. Cast Your Cares from Seeds Family Worship
  12. Boss of Me by Crossroads Kids Club
  13. Dance Laugh Love by Crossroads Kids Club
  14. Lord We Lift Your Name on High by Crossroads Kids Club
  15. We Will Not Be Silent by Crossroads Kids Club
  16. He Leadeth Me by Go Fish Guys
  17. Bless the Lord by God’s Kids' Music
  18. Mighty To Save by God’s Kids Music
  19. Ask Seek Knock by Hillsong Kids
  20. I Give You My Hallelujah by Hillsong Kids
  21. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus by Lifetree Kids
  22. Jesus Loves Me by Go Fish Kids Music
  23. My God Is So Big (So Strong and So Mighty) by Go Fish Kids Music
  24. This Little Light of Mine by Lifetree Kids
  25. I’ve Got Peace Like a River by Listener Kids

Whether you are seeking songs for preschoolers who are just starting with Sunday school, or for your young adults who want something a bit more upbeat and on-trend, you can find kids’ worship music here to suit your needs. Choose more basic tracks like B-I-B-L-E for your preschool worship songs, or the modern takes on old classics.

For the older kids, why not let them choose? Many middle-school and high-school kids enjoy watching children’s praise songs that are accompanied by an appealing video that features kids of the same age. Nowadays, you can find rock-inspired Christian ballads and EDM-influenced beats that have a Godly message, so let your students’ personalities shine through when choosing their worship songs.

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