The Top 5 Preschool Church Curriculum Plans

Choosing the best preschool curriculum for your kid’s ministry is one of the most important decisions your church has to make. During preschool, children are just beginning to understand their faith, meaning that it is your job to help them make sense of this journey and build a foundation for future learning.

Grant Glas
October 11, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

With so many free kids ministry curriculum plans available, it can be difficult to choose. When it comes to planning services and Sunday school lessons for your preschool classes, we understand that you need an easy-to-understand curriculum that is both age-appropriate and engaging for young children. 

If you need help deciding which curriculum plan to opt for, keep reading to discover the best options available right now…

The Best Children’s Curriculums for Church 


At Playlister, the Orange Curriculum is one of our top picks when it comes to choosing a plan for your church. Ideal for preschool, Orange has different learning programs for all ages including babies, toddlers, and elementary school kids to ensure that you find the most age-appropriate classes for the children that you are teaching.

Orange doesn’t just work within the church. Its program makes sure to involve parents, keeping them informed on what their child is studying while building community bonds to help bring a greater awareness of faith into the home for the most comprehensive learning experience possible. 

Its First Look Curriculum is the best choice for preschool kids and is sure to help create a more engaging classroom atmosphere while also providing leaders with a step-by-step activity plan that will encourage interaction between children and offer a weekly takeaway message for kids to discuss with their parents. 

The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project by Lifeway is another top pick here at Playlister, providing a chronological, weekly bible study curriculum that will help kids understand the bigger picture. The preschool plan aims to help young children establish a gospel foundation for a lifetime of discipleship, with plenty of fun activities included such as arts and crafts. 

New volumes of The Gospel Project are released every three months and can be followed on-screen or from a paper copy to suit the needs of any kids ministry. Optional worship hour resources can also help introduce young children to prayer and allow for a greater understanding of spirituality and worship.

To ensure that The Gospel Project is the right plan for your church, you and your team can take a look at the first unit before committing to anything.


Whether you want to browse resources to create your own lesson plans or subscribe to receive structured weekly lessons, Ministry-To-Children offers an extensive curriculum that is ideal for helping young children familiarize themselves with the bible. Plus, it is 100% free to use making it ideal for smaller churches.

There is a specialized curriculum for preschool kids, with a series of weekly programs covering topics from the creation of the earth to the importance of trusting in Jesus. Lessons also include a fun coloring page to print out, with other general resources including bible trivia, craft activities, and worship songs to aid an interactive learning experience. 

Kids Sunday School

If you’re searching for a free children’s church curriculum that is ultra-easy to follow, Kids Sunday School could be a great option for you. This plan includes lessons covering the Old Testament, the New Testament, Holidays, and Spiritual Life to provide children with a foundation in bible studies while also teaching them about their relationship with God and their faith.

Plenty of the lesson plans, including Noah’s Ark and the book of Genisis, are completely free and include bible stories, discussion questions, and printable activity sheets to aid learning and keep things fun for the children. Breaks and prayer time are also factored into lesson plans, and leaders can give out the printable ‘take-home pages’ at the end of the class to help children discuss what they have learned with their parents. 

As well as structured lesson plans, Kids Sunday School also has plenty of fun worship songs, coloring pages, and age-appropriate games to provide hours of fun for preschool children while creating a base for further learning.

Life.Church Open Network 

If you want a more flexible plan that allows you to create customized lessons, the Life.Church Open Network site is an excellent place to access a wide range of free resources that can provide a loose structure and general inspiration for church lessons. 

It is great for preschoolers as there is a dedicated section for early childhood, with plenty of bible-centric lesson ideas with leader guides and discussion questions for parents to ask their kids either in the classroom or at home. There are also fun, engaging message videos to consolidate the key points of each lesson, and all downloadable media can easily be added to DropBox for easy sharing and accessibility.

What’s Our Top Pick?

There are plenty of church curriculums out there that are ideal for preschoolers, and which one is best for you really depends on your personal needs and church vision.

However, we reckon that the Orange Curriculum is the best, all-inclusive plan for your ministry preschool needs. By taking into account the importance of continuing the learning experience outside of the classroom, it ensures that children aren’t just taught about their faith, but actually encorporate bible-based thinking into their everyday lives. 

With a solid curriculum behind you, your ministry’s preschool program is bound to be a success!

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