4 Reasons Your Church Should Highlight People’s Stories

Giving people at church a special shoutout is a great way to show your appreciation for all of your congregants. Everybody likes to feel important. And that’s because everybody is important, especially in the eyes of God. If you aren’t sharing member stories at your church, it’s time to start doing it.

Chris Holland
September 29, 2022
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And 4 Ways to Do It

Sharing people’s stories at your church will get the conversation going about each church member, inspiring people to tell their own stories when the time is right. We can learn a lot from each other’s experiences, so share their stories far and wide whenever you can (with their permission, of course).

Keep reading for four ways to share people’s stories at your church and four reasons why you should do it.

4 Reasons Why You Should Share People’s Stories at Your Church

Church members sharing their stories

It Increases Awareness of Your Church

Dedicate a particular day to sharing people’s stories on church social media and increase traffic to your pages too. Make it a part of your social media strategy by incorporating it into your weekly posts. Using hashtags and images will boost the number of people who see your posts, whether they are members or not. When it comes to growing the church, a regular social media plan that creates an online buzz is key.

It Makes Your Regular Church Members Feel Seen

Celebrating the unique stories of your church members will make them feel seen, heard, and held. Not only is their individual life story important, but their journey to God is worth sharing with the world. Prospective congregants will notice how you treat current members, which may attract people to join. Every person has a unique bond with God, and the life He has given them is a magical gift. Make your church a church that honors this.

It Ignites Conversation Between People at Church

Small church group conversation outside

People at your church talk, but how well do they actually know each other? Think of your story-sharing initiative as a deep dive into a personal story, highlighting connections between people and spurring discussion. Two members may discover something they never knew they had in common, bringing them closer together as friends or mentors. You never know which story or lived experience may inspire another person to become better.

It Is Reminiscent of Jesus’s Story 

Think about the original life story shared far and wide with whoever would listen. That’s right – it’s Jesus. Without a dedicated team of disciples who committed to sharing his story, the church would not be what it is today. People’s stories are a central part of the church, so sharing them needs to be a priority. Testimony sharing is a must at church, learn more about how to do it here.

4 Ways to Share People’s Stories at Your Church

Sharing people's stories with the church

Post It on Your Instagram Story

Part of your life story-sharing campaign could include snippets that you post to your Instagram story. Sharing church Instagram stories will get your content seen, as stories are an easily digestible way to receive information. Watching them requires no effort, meaning more people will engage than when compared to a lengthy text. But, this won’t attract new visitors, as only people who follow you will see it.

Share It on Your Reel or Post It

Get your story out into the world further than your followers by creating an Instagram post or reel about your people’s stories. On these, you can include hashtags and keywords, which might even get your post onto the For You page. From here, your church members can share the post to their own stories if they want, further boosting engagement and views. Opt for a video blog style is the most attractive format.

Tweet Your People’s Stories

Don’t forget to Tweet it too! Not everyone enjoys Instagram’s fast-paced manner, so share your stories on Twitter too. Create a Twitter thread dedicated to each person’s story and type out the parts of their experiences that resonate most with your followers. Again, including hashtags and location tags will expand your engagement, getting you additional views and interactions.

Print It in the Church Newsletter

Creating the church newsletter

Does your church still print out a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter? Or perhaps you have switched to the digital version and prefer to keep things eco-friendly and online? Either way, dedicating a section of your newsletter to the exciting story and experiences of a single church member will cement the fact that they are the star of the week, ensuring their stories reach everyone. Remember, not everyone at your church uses social media!

How to Grow Your Church?

Listening to people's stories and being there for them.

By sharing life stories! Generating discussion and the members of your church while demonstrating to outsiders how much you care and cherish them will do wonders for your church attendance. Think about it, if you weren’t sure which church to visit each Sunday but saw a post singing the praises of someone in your neighborhood, how would you feel? Seeing other people get the respect and recognition they deserve will inspire others to join.

You would want to share in their joys and sadnesses alike, rejoicing alongside them as a member of your community. And, of course, you’d want to join that church yourself. Don’t wait for church member appreciation day, but start sharing the life stories of your regular church members on a weekly basis. Boost morale while expanding awareness of your church by dedicating time to sharing the stories of people in your congregation.

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