5 Things to Use an Apple TV for at Your Church

You may be thinking about buying (or have already invested in) an Apple TV for your church. But the question comes to your mind – now what?

Grant Glas
August 24, 2021
Church Software

 If you aren’t familiar with the uses of the new technology that you have found yourself working with, you won’t be maximizing its potential. Embrace our top 5 uses for Apple TV in the church, and you’ll never look back!

Small-Group Sessions

Transform small group sessions by incorporating Apple TV features into the children’s classes. With the Airplay feature, presenting becomes so simple that you’ll want to share absolutely everything on the big screen. It can connect to your phone or laptop (if you have an apple device) to display whatever you have on your phone.

Particularly good for seminar-style sessions, the kids can also get involved by sharing their presentations and photos with ease. Gone are the days when forgetting your USB memory stick could ruin your project. Nowadays, we can stream at the touch of a button.

"Using the Apple TV remote in Small Group is like having a magic wand" - Northview small group leader

But, there is a catch. This simplicity is only afforded to those who have already invested in the Apple brand, and Android users will struggle to share from their devices. However, if at least one member of the meeting has an Apple device, they can become the designated ‘sharer,’ which would ensure the smooth running of the session, too!

Streaming Sermon Notes

Alongside viewing the sermons themselves, why not share the sermon notes too! Helping with bible study, prayer, and more, you can collectively complete your personal notes from what’s being shared on the screen. This is proven to improve engagement, by helping the message to be truly heard, and not just listened to. 

Streaming your Sunday sermons has never been easier than with Apple TV. With certain apps designed specifically for church needs, you can stay even more connected. Running completely independently of any phone or device, Apple TV can download apps directly to stream services. 

Sermon.net is one of our favorites, as any church can personalize the software, making it a perfect fit for their ministry. Live stream or share to multiple sources with a single action, whilst keeping close control over your content. Plus, you can try it completely free. 

Digital Signage

A step above standard advertising, digital signage done right will make an impression that lasts. Luckily, this feature is also supported by Apple TV, so you can design and create visual aids for exciting displays within your church walls. You can even use them in different locations, spreading the word of God across a distance.

An Apple TV come with a Playlister Pro Kit (29.99/mo)

Bring the signs outside your church to life, with a digital signage option. Rather than displaying the same quote or inspirational message for months on end, you could opt for a dynamic and artistic display, urging newcomers to venture inside. The sky's the limit when you can adapt and personalize your messaging on a daily basis.

On a day where you have several known newcomers arriving for the first time, why not publicly welcome them on a church display? This will encourage other churchgoers to make a particular effort to welcome too, helping people to feel cherished and appreciated, so they will more likely return. 

Conference Room Displays

For added ease whilst in conferences and meetings, Apple TV has a conference mode inbuilt to the software. Simply switch the mode on, and you can select a background image with the Airplay instructions ready in the foreground. Now, anyone who uses that room will know how to pair up with the screen in an instant.

Control all your campus TVs in minutes from your living room

Whilst it is handy for anyone to be able to connect, it can pose a problem too, as anyone could disrupt an important presentation. That’s why the conference room mode also requires a PIN to be entered before every use, ensuring the smooth running of each and every conference.


Using Airplay for specific things such as sharing engaging content in kids ministry curriculum, and for a smooth church live stream, are some of its main attractions. But, we can’t forget the fun that comes with using Airplay for games, and whatever else you can think of. Such an easy sharing device encourages creativity and will inspire many to think outside of the box.

Readily available online games like Kahoot!, and websites that are designed for study, like Quizlet, can be shared on the screen so that everyone can get involved. Adding an entertaining and lively dimension to learning will help to instil a passion for studying the word of Christ, the Bible, and God, in every congregant. 

With incredible software options out there to help you stream your children’s ministry curriculum (and so much more), providing an engaging learning experience has never been easier. The Playlister App ensures the smooth running of your curriculum, as you only need to import the curriculum, set your scheduling, and press play on the Apple TV – the content will be ready and waiting!

There are many benefits of having Apple TV, from church streaming services to fun and games. Take a weight off your shoulders and have organization sorted, while engaging the younger people and adding a splash of modernity to your church technology.

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