Why use an Apple TV for ministry?

The Apple TV box is a small (3”x3”) box you can plug into your TVs and projectors to use Playlister on. Here’s how the Apple TV solves your ministry problems.

Chris Holland
March 9, 2021
Kids Ministry Curriculum

It works without internet

Don’t let your ministry lag because the WiFi is lagging. Playlister downloads your videos to the Apple TV, so it will work even if there is no internet connection. No other TV accessory like Roku or Firestick can perform offline playback because the Apple TV has 32 GB of storage. That storage allows Playlister to cache the content on the Apple TV.

The remote is easy

Raise your hand if you’re tired of walking new volunteers through the ProPresenter manifesto. Put your hand down and take some weight off your shoulders- because Playlister is easier for your volunteers to use than anything they’ve seen before.

Train a volunteer in 15 seconds with the Apple TV remote.

It is small and portable

The Apple TV box can fit in your jacket pocket. Since it works without the internet, the Apple TV is great for portable churches. 

The Apple TV box is a small (3”x3”) box you can plug into your TVs and projectors to use Playlister on.

It is locked into your content

Ever see those random movie titles that appear on the Roku resting screen? For example. the Roku screensaver below shows the rated MA show, Westworld on HBO. With Roku you can't control what is displayed on the screen at all times. What about the random videos suggested by Vimeo or YouTube?

Too many video tools display promotions for content that is not appropriate for Kids Ministry. Playlister on the Apple TV stays locked into your churches’ media.

Roku screensavers (pictured above) show inappropriate content you can't control

Get a FREE Apple TV to test drive Playlister at your church.

Apple charges $149 for an Apple TV. Playlister offers you the chance to try an Apple TV risk free. Use the code TRYPRO and we’ll send you a free Apple TV (Playlister Pro Kit) for one month. You can cancel and return the Playlister Apple TV anytime. Looking for more reasons to get an Apple TV? Read our top 5 Apple Tv uses at your church.

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