8 Best Children’s Ministry Conferences This Year

As we wave goodbye to 2023 and start planning goals for the coming year, self-improvement is on the minds of many. Are you ready to take your faith to the next level and fine-tune your skills as a kids minister? Attending a church conference is a must! Add it to your list of New Year’s goals and elevate your ministering skills for you and your community. Keep reading for a complete list of the eight best Christian conferences to participate in this year.

Grant Glas
January 16, 2024
Kids Ministry Leadership

Must-See Church Conferences in 2024

As we wave goodbye to 2023 and start planning goals for the coming year, self-improvement is on the minds of many. Are you ready to take your faith to the next level and fine-tune your skills as a kids minister? Attending a church conference is a must! Add it to your list of New Year’s goals and elevate your ministering skills for you and your community. Keep reading for a complete list of the eight best Christian conferences to participate in this year. 

Why Should I Attend Church Conferences 2024?

Church conferences are almost guaranteed to improve your focus, offering your church better support and leadership in the new year. Be the best church leader you can be by striving to better yourself every day — your ministry deserves it. The main reasons you should attend a kids' ministry conference this year are the educational and networking opportunities.

Exposing yourself to like-minded people and their ideas will inspire your ideas, spur your actions, and push you to do better. You never know — you might even build strong and lasting friendships. Put yourself out there and allow your skills to grow and develop by attending influential church conferences.

Here are our top eight children’s ministry conferences in 2024 to look out for.

1. Orange Conference

This conference curated by Orange, creators of the incredible children’s church curriculum, is jam-packed full of workshops to help ministry leaders thrive. Spanning three exciting days, this conference offers a unique chance to transform your leadership skills for good. Get on board and experience the magic of Orange with this unforgettable five-star experience designed by the nation’s experts in children’s ministry.

Consider bringing your family ministry team to the Orange Conference. It’s an event for children’s leaders, youth leaders, preschool leaders and Nexgen leaders. Senior pastors and executive pastors even attend. Orange has been hosting this event for almost 15 years and leaders from over 80 denominations and 20 countries attend.

It’s an incredible opportunity for your team to be inspired but also get real, practical answers and plans for the challenges you're facing. It’s in Atlanta, Georgia this April 23-25.

You can get more info or register at TheOrangeConference.com.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Dates: April 23 - 25, 2024

Cost: from $319 in-person & $199 digital

2. ARC Conference

At the ARC Conference, their goal is for pastors, leaders, and future church planters to build relationships with one another and receive resources that will help the local church thrive. Arc is a a cooperative of independent churches from different denominations, networks, and backgrounds who strategically resource church planters and pastors to help them reach people with the message of Jesus.

Location: Grants Mill Church of the Highlands - Birmingham, AL

Date: APRIL 23-24, 2024

Cost: from$199

3. Children’s Pastors Conference

Start the year as you mean to continue and set your resolutions up for success this January with CPC church conferences in 2024. Unlike other children’s ministry conferences, this conference is for anybody who serves in ministry, not just pastors. This futuristic and strategic event connects leaders who serve kids and families to essential things: high-quality training, community bonds, access to transformative resources, and biblical inspiration to inspire their calling. 

Location: Orlando, Florida

Dates: January 9 - 11, 2024

Cost: from $399‍

4. The KidzMatter Conference

Do you want to strengthen your skills as a teacher, leader, and children’s minister? Join the KidzMatter Conference and help children build deeper bonds with God that will last a lifetime.

This affordable conference is a must for youth ministry conferences in 2024.

Location: Evansville, IN

Dates: September 24-26

Cost: $99

5. Child Discipleship Forum

As we continue to explore the best children’s ministry conferences in 2024, the Child Discipleship Forum stands out as a pivotal event for church leaders and ministers dedicated to nurturing the spiritual growth of children.

This forum, organized by the renowned organization Child Discipleship, is an exceptional blend of insightful teaching, collaborative discussions, and practical workshops, all focused on the most crucial aspects of child discipleship.

The Child Discipleship Forum is set to bring together a diverse group of attendees, from experienced pastors to volunteers in children's ministry. The forum's agenda is designed to address the contemporary challenges and opportunities in children’s ministry, offering fresh, biblically grounded perspectives that can transform your ministry approach.

This year’s forum will feature a lineup of seasoned speakers and thought leaders in the field of children's ministry. These experts will look into topics such as developing faith foundations in early childhood, leveraging technology for effective ministry, and creating engaging, age-appropriate learning experiences.

The sessions are structured to encourage active participation, enabling attendees to share their insights and learn from their peers.

Location: Nashville, Tennessee Dates: September 19-20, 2024

Cost: Early Bird tickets from $149

6. Calvary Chapel Children’s Ministry Conference

Embarking on its 30th year, the Calvary Chapel Children's Ministry Conference, set for 2024, continues its long-standing tradition of empowering and inspiring those devoted to children's ministry.

This conference, a brainchild of Pastor Larry Enterline and hosted by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, has become a beacon for teachers, leaders, and pastors in children's ministry. The upcoming conference promises to uphold this legacy at the scenic Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, California.

The essence of this conference lies in its rich history and unwavering commitment to equipping ministers with the necessary tools and insights for impactful children's ministry. Since its inception in 1994, it has evolved, navigating various locations, each time creating a space for spiritual growth and professional development.

The 2024 edition, organized by Calvary Curriculum, a noted 501(c)(3) nonprofit, continues this journey, offering a blend of workshops, keynote sessions, and fellowship opportunities.

Calvary Curriculum's involvement ensures that the conference aligns with its vision of providing a comprehensive Bible curriculum for children from preschool to middle school. The church conference's sessions will approach practical strategies for evangelizing children and youth, not just within church settings but in homes and communities as well. This aligns perfectly with Calvary Curriculum's mission to minister effectively to children across the globe.

Scheduled for February 16-17, 2024, the conference is a gathering of the Body of Christ, united for the purpose of nurturing the spiritual growth of the younger generation. This conference equips attendees with new skills and knowledge, leaving them inspired and rejuvenated in their calling.

Whether you're a seasoned minister or new to children’s ministry, this conference offers invaluable resources and networking opportunities. The conference's focus on declaring the Word of God to children and youth makes it a must-attend for anyone passionate about shaping young lives in faith.

Location: Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, Diamond Bar, CA

Dates: February 16-17, 2024Cost: from $40 for Friday only

7. Next Ministry Conference

Mark your calendars for the Next Ministry Conference, a dynamic one-day event that's all about centering ministry around Jesus.

It's the perfect spot for those in kids’ and youth ministry, as well as high school students who feel called to serve in the church. This conference is a powerhouse, annually equipping over a thousand individuals to make a real impact on the next generation in their church communities.

In 2024, the Next Ministry Conference is set to take place in several key locations, including Deltona Alliance in Deltona, FL, on February 10th. From 9:00 AM to 2:30 PM, it’s a day packed with valuable insights and practical tools to enhance your ministry work. The best part? With its multiple locations, it’s easy for more people to join in without the need for extensive travel.

This youth ministry conference prioritizes active engagement and practical learning. You’ll be immersed in sessions that provide actionable strategies and insights for ministry. It's like a toolkit for creating engaging, faith-driven experiences for young people.

You'll discover effective ways to connect with kids, insights into leading with a spiritual focus, and methods to create an environment where young faith can thrive.

Locations and Dates:

Deltona Alliance, Deltona, FL: February 10, 2024

Long Hill Chapel, Chatham, NJ: February 24, 2024

Crown College, St. Bonifacius, MN: March 2, 2024

Lewisburg Alliance, Lewisburg, PA: March 2, 2024

Lifepointe Alliance, Mars, PA: March 9, 2024

Mansfield Alliance, Mansfield, OH: March 16, 2024

Sacramento Hmong Alliance, Elk Grove, CA: April 13, 2024

Cost: see website for specific information for each location

8. Kids Ministry Conference by SBCV

Gear up for the Kids Ministry Conference (KMC) 2024, a pivotal event hosted by the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia (SBCV), dedicated to equipping children's ministry leaders.

This conference is a must-attend event for anyone involved in children's ministry, from VBS teams to pastors, and even parents and grandparents. KMC provides practical tools and insights to enhance your ministry to children.

In 2024, the KMC is making things convenient by coming to two different locations. The first stop is on March 2nd at Swift Creek Baptist Church in Midlothian, and the second one is on March 9th at Franklin Heights Church in Rocky Mount. Both events run from 8:45 AM to 3:30 PM, packing in a full day of learning, worship, and networking.

The best part? KMC is a free event! It includes an array of sessions and workshops covering a wide range of topics crucial to children's ministry. Expect to tackle areas like safety and security, special needs ministry, effective teaching strategies, and ways to connect with families and parents. Plus, there's focused training on using Lifeway’s Breaker Rock Beach VBS, offering valuable insights for your Vacation Bible School planning.

KMC is rooted in learning but exalts in celebration too. Enjoy worship and praise sessions, including a Kids Praise Team, and make the most of live text translation in multiple languages for main sessions. And don't forget the Family Night Celebration Demonstration, offering a glimpse into engaging family-oriented ministry activities.

There's also a chance to win over 60 resources and kits through drawings, and with free lunch for those who register by February 28th, it’s an event that truly caters to its attendees. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity for networking with other ministry leaders and getting your hands on free ministry resources and literature.

Locations and Dates:Swift Creek Baptist Church, Midlothian: March 2, 2024

Franklin Heights Church, Rocky Mount: March 9, 2024

Cost: FREE!


Investing in your church means investing in yourself. Become the kind of leader who makes a difference by making it your mission to attend several of the best children’s ministry conferences in the coming year. Not only will they open your mind to improved ways of thinking and better ways of teaching, but they could open your heart to new friendships, providing you with deep and lasting relationships for the rest of your life. Attending church conferences in 2024 – led by Christians like you – is a no-brainer.

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