A Guide to Signage Types: 14 Digital Content Ideas to Engage Your Church

Digital signage can be utilized in a variety of creative ways to deliver meaningful content, facilitate communication, and enhance the overall church experience.

Jesse Wisnewski
April 10, 2023
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In today's increasingly digital world, church digital signage content has become essential. 

This versatile piece of technology serves as an advertising tool, captivating media display, and informational guide, that can foster a sense of community too.

Digital signage can be utilized in a variety of creative ways to deliver meaningful content, facilitate communication, and enhance the overall church experience. From welcoming new visitors to sharing inspiring messages and updates on church events, the possibilities for leveraging digital signage in your church are virtually endless.

To help you make the most of this powerful tool, we've compiled a list of 14 different types of content you can use to display. 

Let’s get started. 

1. Welcome Signs

Welcome digital sign

Welcome displays can make your church members and visitors feel at home. They are an excellent way to create a lasting impression on visitors, introduce them to your church, and increase social media engagement by showcasing your church website, Twitter, and Instagram.

These displays often feature entertaining, captivating, and lively moving information designed to attract spectators and bystanders. Since your signs provide the first impression people get of your church, investing in warm and genuine welcome signs is essential.

2. Maps and Wayfinding

Church map on a digital sign

If you have ever found yourself wandering an unfamiliar building while searching for an event, you know how important clear and concise directional signage is. Save visitors and others from the awkwardness of feeling lost while searching for your Sunday service, program, or event by placing informative maps at your church.

Larger campuses will require more detailed wayfinding signage, while smaller churches can focus on a few directional signs highlighting the main rooms of your facility.

3. Behind The Scenes

Church members behind the scenes

Switch up the theme of your digital signage screen by displaying behind-the-scenes style footage of what goes on behind the scenes at your church. This will enhance a feeling of transparency among your church members, offering insight into the roles everyone plays.

For example, you could include an interview with the pastor, a day in the life of someone doing missionary work, or even simple 'how it's done' videos.

4. Digital Notice Boards

Keep everyone up-to-date with a signage solution that doubles as a digital notice board. Physical bulletin boards often went unnoticed for weeks, with old and irrelevant ads stacking up—going digital will get your news noticed.

Highly effective and efficient, these can be changed at the touch of a button, often from any remote location. Share relevant information in real-time while saving paper by installing a screen to display informative digital signage content within your church.

5. Social Media Feed

Social media feed on a digital sign

Encourage more followers on your church's social media accounts by displaying up-to-date snippets of your social media feeds. Include any responses and retweets by church members and other notable people, enhancing a feeling of community in the online realm.

Starting a series – like prayer requests on a Monday – will enable you to stay consistent with your updates, and people may even look out for their shout-outs on your digital signs. 

Check out this blog for more tips on building a buzz around your social media pages.

6. Testimonials

When people have a positive experience at your church, why not offer them the chance to share it? Including a testimonials box in the reception area as well as an online feedback page will encourage people to share a thoughtful or heartfelt note.

Signage examples often include sharing these testimonials on your church boards, creating a feeling of pride among your congregation. People love to receive positive feedback, and every church is the sum of its members.

7. Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers helping out the community

As volunteers are the backbone of any church, offering them gratitude and recognition is essential. Popular digital signage examples include shout-outs to your hard workers, saying thank you publicly for the rest of your congregation to see.

Choose a 'volunteer of the week' style method or offer thanks when a specific project is completed—the choice is up to you. Or, take it a step further with these six ways to show appreciation for volunteers.

8. Community Photos

Displaying community photos is a great digital signage content idea for several reasons. 

Firstly, it will bring joy to your congregants as they see their favorite moments, and secondly, it acts as an advertisement for future prospective attendees.

Include images from fundraising events, kids' ministry classes, outreach projects, and more to offer an overview of everything your church does. Keep these images up to date to maintain interest, and have a little fun with the digital signage content creation!

9. Event Information

Church event

When it comes to digital signage content management, displaying accurate information about upcoming events is paramount. You will attract more attendees to your events when you advertise them creatively.

Ensure your digital advertising display screens highlight the heart of your church while sharing practical information about events. For example, a short video clip of previous similar events alongside details of what's to come will give people a clear idea of what to expect.

10. Project Updates

People love to know that they are having an impact, which is why it is so important to share information about how projects are going with your donors. Whenever you hear any good news from one of your project partners, display the news on your digital sign. Write a thank you note to all who have helped with donations, and include images of real-life people who have benefitted to make it more relatable.

11. Inspirational Quotes

Mixing inspirational quotes with your digital signage content will boost morale at your church. We all have off days or moments when we feel a little blue, and an inspirational quote can go further than you might think.

As long as they are positive and motivational, these could be anything from notes written by your pastor to famous quotes by celebrities to excerpts from the Bible. Scatter them among other types of content and put a smile on people's faces.

12. Hymn Lyrics

Hymn lyrics on stage

Displaying prayers and hymns on a clear, digital screen increases audience participation in your service. Moreover, providing a clear and easily readable display for those with vision issues can put senior churchgoers at ease.

Digital signage also reduces the need for printed flyers and handouts, lowering printing costs and minimizing the environmental impact.

13. Emergency Alerts

Sometimes, you may need to notify your congregation members of important alerts, such as earthquake warnings, criminal threats, or terrorist concerns. Having a digital signage system means you can share these updates on every screen at your church with the touch of a button.

Digital signage can be a lifeline in urgent situations as it provides a fast and efficient way to inform the public on how to ensure their safety.

14. Express Gratitude

Person showing gratitude

In addition to sharing your recognition for volunteers, workers, and donors, take a moment to thank every church member for their continued commitment to your ministry.

Every person who attends your church contributes to the culture and has unique gifts to share with the community. You can never say thank you enough—to God, your congregants, your family, and your friends.

Why Digital Signage?

If you are still not convinced about going digital with your signage (we are sure you are), check out this blog for nine more reasons your church needs digital signage.

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