Are There Any Free Church Software Options Out There?

Aiming to upgrade your church’s engagement, improve the organization or create communication channels? Software for easy worship could be the answer.

Grant Glas
July 12, 2021
Church Software

Aiming to upgrade your church’s engagement, improve the organization or create communication channels? Software for easy worship could be the answer. Many sermons are already being shared online. It gives the entire congregation a chance to partake and practice their faith, no matter where they are in the world. Is it time to take this a step further, moving organization and giving online too? Read our guide to learn more about the benefits of church software, and discover exactly where you can find it. 

We have compiled a list of the five most easy-to-use apps, websites, and networks that could bring your community closer together than ever before. The best part? They won’t cost you a fortune – as we have found the best apps for church social media and planning that are entirely free! 

Whether you want to breathe a breath of fresh air and modernity into your church or are just looking for an improved way to organize, new church management software could be just what you are searching for. 

Our Top 5 Picks


Fuel Your Mission With Subsplash Giving — The Church App

Forging real community connections with instant messaging services, online sermon readings, and live stream gatherings across the globe, Subsplash unites entire congregations from absolutely everywhere. With custom bible reading plans, sermon notes, and more, followers will feel connected like never before. Plus, the website editor that Subplash uses is straightforward to use, so you can customize, edit and bring personality to your website to make it feel like an online home for you and your church. Increase donations by 10% with the cashless giving system, which gives you donor insights, helps you budget, and embraces the move to a cashless world. 


ChMeetings Simplifying the Church Administration

Also simplifying organization and planning of activities, church software will make everyone feel more involved, helping to increase event turn-out while making management a breeze. ChMeetings does just this, allowing the effortless formation of events, whether they are reoccurring or simply a one-off. The church app will be completely your own, as you can import your church’s logo so that your people will quickly recognize it, and it will show up as your church’s name in both the app store and on all devices.

This software is free for smaller churches of up to 100 people but remains very well priced for larger-sized churches, ranging from $10/pm for 100 attendees to $40/pm for unlimited users.

The Planning Center

Planning Center Support: Response time of 1 hour

If you are looking for small centralized group planning, then The Planning Centre could be perfect for you, as it is completely free for smaller groups. Built to fully equip your team to create worship plans and schedule volunteers while maximizing efficiency and reach, your discipleship will be sure to increase. If you do choose to expand your package, only have to pay for what you need, by selecting the exact number of attendees. Many of the church software packages will require payment for larger-sized church groups and full access to all of the tools, but the additional donations received by easy-send online giving will help it pay for itself!


ChurchTrac Login

Helping you to budget, and monitor funds to use money efficiently, ChurchTrac has an efficient in-built accounting software, so you can maximize the use of donations, while tracking exactly where your church’s money is going. Also, helping to build connections and enhance communications, the database will allow you to send mass emails, build phone trees and send group messages. With child safety at the forefront, this software enables you to check your child in, recording allergies, injuries, or any other special information. Their free option includes unlimited names, so even if your church community is flourishing and growing, you won’t have to spend a dime! 


Breeze Church Management Software - The World's Easiest ChMS

Search for people in seconds with a handy look-up tool built into the software at Breeze, enhancing communication for everyone. You can select various criteria such as age group, location, and parish, search for groups of people, and instantly send messages. The app makes it easy to take attendance of the service and events, so you can track who has been most active and who hasn’t made it in a few weeks. This way, you can check in on all of your people, making sure everyone is thought of, and no one is left behind. While this software isn’t free, its price for everything included and unlimited users is just $50 per month, which could be worth it for larger churches. 

Fine-tune the organization of your church events while maximizing donations and elevating engagement, and turn to technology. By using an app to sign up for events, everyone will be expected and welcomed, and you can plan for exactly who is coming. Not only that, many church software options will automatically assign volunteers to specific events based on their availability and suitability. 

A smoothly-running church means there is more time to focus on what reality matters – community and prayer. Giving open access to bible study resources will help to forge genuine connections with God and within communities, too, as comments can be left, thoughts shared, and friendships built. Bring modernity into your church with dynamic and engaging technology, appealing to the future generations of your parish while fuelling faith and transforming worship. 

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